Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wrap it up

Today I wrapped up the Christmas shopping and now .. .
it's time to get out the supplies and
wrap up the presents and put them under the tree.

I love to wrap presents.
To me, a beautifully wrapped package says, "I really wanted to give this to you and I have put thought and time into this gift." In a way, it's a gift around the gift.
However, no matter how humbly wrapped, it's really all about the heart of the giver . .
but still . . . I love beautifully wrapped gifts. :)

True story: I have actually given demonstrations on wrapping and embellishing gifts for various women's groups. One year, just before I was to give one at a party for one of the local school's nutritional department, I received a birthday gift from a dear elderly lady. Words cannot accurately describe the condition of the package or the wrapping to allow to you visualize it but I'll try. The box was old, smashed and torn and had once held a Bible. The color of the lid was burgundy and was repaired with cream colored masking tape. It was not wrapped and there was no bow -- just the box in the raw. I had to chuckle because I was on my way to give a class on gift wrapping! What a contrast!

Now, before you get upset with me and think I am making fun of this dear little lady, I'm not! I so appreciated all the effort and time she put into getting this together. Even though she had nothing nice to put the gift in, that didn't stop her from giving. Just the fact that she remembered my birthday and took the time to get something to me was touching! It came from her heart and I will always cherish that.

My favorite Christmas wrapping paper comes from Hobby Lobby. It is a nice quality paper with a lot of paper in each roll. Most rolls come with a grid on the backside for measuring and cutting ... and is usually 50% off this time of year making them approximately $3.50 per roll - beats Wal-Mart all the way around.

I like to use bolts of ribbon for the finishing touch on each package.
Sometimes I also add an ornament, winter foliage, or something that goes
with the theme of the package, the gender or age of the receiver as an
extra little gift.

Breanna plays with these little skier ornaments.
I just noticed she has hung them right by each other and down low so she can find them
when she visits again :)

This is my favorite type of bow partly because it's quick to make.
I prefer wired ribbon because it keeps the gift looking fresh and perky.
If it gets smashed, it can be quickly fluffed back to life.

I still have many more gifts to wrap. If I get tired, I will pull out the trusty gift bags and tissue paper. I'm not too proud!
After all, not all gifts can be wrapped in a box.

Do you have any favorite ways to embellish gifts? If so, I would love to hear about them.

Merry Christmas!


P.S. I wonder if the gifts the wise men brought to Jesus were wrapped in any w


Mindy said...

I love beautifully wrapped gifts also!
I haven't had time in recent years to do it but maybe this year.....
thanks for sharing!

in HIM-

Lois Lane II said...

Oh, wow, those gifts look great! I am just about the WORST wrapper in the history of the world -- my husband is better than me!

Mindy said...

one more thing ----I just read your comment on my blog and I wanted to say AMEN on the drowning thing.....is that cryptic enough for ya? =)

In HIM -