Friday, December 5, 2008

Back in the loop!

Whoa! I can hardly believe that I have not posted since Nov. 23! It has been due to a crazy schedule and my wireless Internet is not working properly -- have to hook up direct -- must share with hubs -- bla, bla, bla!

Seriously, I have been overloaded for the past two weeks:

  • We've had guests to entertain
  • We had a Thanksgiving Banquet at church
  • I had a routine bone scan (45 min. drive each way)
  • Dental appointment (6 month checkup)
  • I shopped and shopped and shopped (Thanksgiving, Hanging of the Greens and Christmas Tea)
  • I fixed Thanksgiving for the two of us
  • Decorated piano, big mirror, dining room table and kitchen for Christmas
  • Put up the Christmas tree and lights - no ornaments at this point
  • I prepared a meal for Thanksgiving dinner for 30 of hub's family members (no dishes contributed by others - they live too far away)
  • Decorated our Christmas tree
  • Two days later (Sunday) we had hanging of the greens service at church (I am in charge of getting this all together )
  • Monday Dec. 1 was my birthday - slept in and worked on some detail for the Ladies' Christmas Tea
  • Tuesday, Dec. 2 - Ladies Christmas Tea (my responsibility) I did have some help in the set up and clean up. We had place settings for 48 this year. (I have pics)
  • I scheduled a Christmas Cello/piano concert for the Tea - very good! (I have a video)
  • Wed., Dec. 3 I kept my grandchildren. After they left I headed to the church for Toddlers' Class

Oh, did I mention that I twisted my knee and have been doing all of the this with a semi-swollen knee! I really love doing these things but having a physical ailment sore knee was a handicap on my speed ;)

So now you know why I have not posted since forever!

I will be sharing some pics and if I can put a video on here (I've never attempted to do that) I will share some of our Christmas Tea concert with you.

ALSO, Nancy at Olive Leaf Ministries is having a Christmas give away that ends at 5:00 p.m. today. Go visit her blog for some fun stuff!

Til later,


Anonymous said...

Welcome back!

Good job on the strikethroughs! ;)

Esthermay said...

Yes. Welcome Back!
Busy busy busy. . .
Hope that knee heals quickly. I've been busy busy busy with a terrible neck ache! No fun.
I'll go check out that giveaway! And you should go check out my giveway here:
Holiday Giveaway!

annie's eyes said...

Wow, you have been busy. And Happy Birthday, my friend. I am glad to see you're back and hope your knee recovers quickly. Blessings this Christmas Season of family, friends, and much fellowship with our Lord and His precious ones. Love, Annette

valerie said...

First of all "Happy Birthday to You!"
You share my niece's birthday, so maybe I'll remember. I'm not so good. :(
I've been missing you but figured you've been terribly busy. I talked to Corky's sister who attends your church and she was telling me all about the tea and how many came and how lovely it was.
Have you had a chance to rest at all?!! This post totally wore me out.
I don't know if you got my call last Sun. but I couldn't remember when you were going to be going to Branson and we had just gone to see Dino and I thought I'd share with you how wonderful his concert was if y'all were going to be there before the 4th. (his last show).
We had a great time. I posted about our trip but deleted all of my old posts. (I'll share that story with you another time.)
Take care and I'll talk to you soon.

TCKK said...

You're making me tired just reading about all you've done! I hope your knee is getting better! Good to hear from you again.

Lois Lane II said...

Oh my goodness!!! Hope your knee gets better!

Bethany@MyLifeinBlack&White said...

Impressive! I got a little light-headed when I read the part about preparing Thanksgiving for 30 in-laws!