Friday, December 19, 2008

Sense a Christmas Memory

Hubs and I went Christmas shopping this week. We had just about finished and were on our way out of the mall and I happened to see this . . . .

See's Candies !!!
Have you ever tasted their candies? They are wonderful! The only candy I have ever tasted that was better was the chocolate we bought in Belgium -- the absolute best. This is America's "Belgium" chocolate.

Just the sight of the See's box brings back Christmas memories from my childhood. My aunt, who lives in California, used to send my parents a box for Christmas every year. It was so special to receive the package in the mail. Also, when we would visit them in California (every other year) we would get a box as well.

So, to keep the memory alive, we bought a box. :-) (Didn't have to twist Hubs arm -- at all. He has experienced this stuff before.) They gave us a sample as a thank you for our purchase. It was a sucker. Oh - my - word! It tasted like fudge made the old fashioned way, but harder -- sooo good.

It's always fun to have a "sweet" memory take me by surprise. Christmas is full of special memories that come popping up and giving pleasure. I thank God for my parents, who themselves are now a memory -- a memory that is a part of my everyday life. They were the most loving and wonderful parent I could have ever asked to have.

I hope that you can "sense" a pleasant memory at Christmas this year, whether by way of sight, smell, touch or hearing. I hope that you can "sense" something that will bring you back to a special and happy moment in your life.

Merry Christmas,


Lois Lane II said...

How fun! You know, I think I've heard of that candy before. I'm glad you found some!

My parents are having their (sort-of) annual Christmas Eve party, which I'm so excited about! We used to have one every year when I was a kid (complete with Santa), but as I grew older and went to college, they kind of drifted off. The last one we had was right before I got married (nearly four years ago), so I'm really excited about this one!!

TCKK said...

What a sweet post. Thank you for sharing.

Grammy and Olivia said...

I am about to start making our Swedish meatballs for Christmas Eve dinner. The smell of them takes me back to Christmas eve at my Grandma's house, mmmmmm!

Keetha said...

I've never heard of See's before - - - but we have an Indiana Chocolate company called De Brands - - - it is far and away the best I've every tasted, wonder how the two would compare?

annie's eyes said...

I, too, remember See's as a favorite memory! Not a piece in the box I didn't like, and it had to be "delivered" as it was not available in our town. Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas, Sherry. I am hoping 2009 brings an opportunity for us to have that cup of coffee together, and maybe share a piece of candy! Merry Christmas! Love, Annette