Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Christmas Tea

Here are some pics from our Christmas Tea on December 2. Yes, I know there aren't any teacups on the table. Very few drink hot tea so I provided glasses for something cold to drink. Apple cidar and hot chocolate (homemade mix) are their favorite drinks. I forgot to take of a picture of the food table :(

Hopefully, this will be our last year in the foyer. Our youth have taken over the fellowship hall while a new youth center is being built. It will seat 200 in the sanctuary (which is stadium seating). We are so thankful for the center and the fact that we have paid cash as we go -- no debt!

The foyer is narrow and what you can't see is that it is decorated for Christmas. The tree was behind me in the first pic.

A few of the tables before anyone arrived.

I bought three of these to for a drawing.

We also had three gift sacks with a soft red socks with pokadots, a matching tea mug and tea bag holder (they matched the socks) and a soft red throw.
There were 6 gifts in the drawing.

Ladies doing what they do best - chit chatting :)
We had just under 50 ladies in attendance.

More conversation :)

After we ate and had time to visit, we all went in the sanctuary for the gift drawing and then
a Christmas cello concert!
It was so beautiful!

Thresa Swadley presented the Christmas Cello Concert,
and she was accompanied by Lisa Schutten on the piano.
They are an awsome duo!

L-R: Lisa, Moi and Thresa
It was really fun.


valerie said...

Everything looks so pretty, Sherry.
Looks like everyone was having a great time.

Lisa plays beautifully. She played in Kristen's wedding.

Are you rested up yet?

TCKK said...

Sounds like you all had a fun time!

Lois Lane II said...

Aww...that does look fun! I love holiday parties!