Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What ? ? ?

I was opening mail at the office this morning and ran across this envelope in the stack . . . . .

Uhh . . . were they practicing thriftiness -- cleaning out their desk -- out of money --- What ???
(Note: I folded back the sending organization's address to hide it and torn the address label off as well.)

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Saturday, April 24, 2010

LPM Simulcast

Today began very early at my house. It all started at 5:00 a.m. in order to get ready for Beth Moore's Simulcast "So Long Insecurity". My friend Allison came to my house at 7:00 a.m. and we left to meet Valerie and Beverly. We all hopped into Valerie's car and headed to the Journey Church at Norman. We arrived at around 8:30 a.m. The church served breakfast, lunch and snacks! They were so hospitable!

We met up with Jesse and Carol after we arrived. Here's a pic of us:

Valerie, Jessie, Carol, Me, Allison & Beverly

Oh, yes! I won a door prize - a pedicure. Valerie received one, too. Beverly won an awesome prize -- a personal consultation from an interior designer! Isn't that awesome? The Journey church out did themselves in putting this together!

It was reported that there were 300,000 in attendance in 869 locations! Praise and worship was brought by the local church so we didn't get to join in with Travis :( Beth did a tremendous job as usual. She shared from Ephesians 4. She gave us an acronym for "secure".

A secure woman is:

1. Saved from herself

2. Entitled to truth

3. Clothed with intention

4. Upended by Grace

5. Rebounded by love

6. Expectional in life

We learned that grace turns everything upside down:
  • Broken becomes whole
  • The leper becomes clean
  • The weak become strong
  • The pauper becomes rich
  • Insecurity becomes security
  • Impossible becomes possible.

Beth nearly always has a commissioning for us to say to each other. Here is the one from today:

My Dear Sister
If Christ is Your Savior
You are the dwelling place
Of His own Spirit
You have it IN YOU
to be secure.
Every day of your life
You have a choice to make
You can live in your old defeat
Or you can turn from your unbelief
And choose life
Make up your mind
To put off the old you
And put on the new you.
Never, ever, ever forget
That the Lord is your security.
He will keep your foot
From being caught in a trap.
He will take care of you
To your very last breath.
Now, leave this place
And go out into the world
And act like a person
Who knows she’s dearly loved.
You were born to be exceptional.
So, Girlfriend, go forth
And walk worthy of your calling.
You are clothed in strength and dignity!
Now unto Him
Who can keep you from falling
Be glory and majesty
Power and authority
Through Jesus Christ our Lord
Now and forever more
So Long, Insecurity!

After I arrived home, I hurried off to catch the end of baby shower at the church. As soon as I returned back home we were off to take our guest for Sunday morning out to eat. It was a full and busy day but -- what a wonderful Saturday it was!


Sunday, April 11, 2010

6th Birthday -- Oh My!

Today was our granddaughter's 6th birthday party. Her birthday was April 5th and she had a small, short party at school, but today was the BIG party. She has been so excited and has taken an active part in the planning of this party. Here are some pictures from the celebration.

There first thing on the kids' agenda was to go outside
and have some fun in the backyard.

Every Princess must have her own banner.

Here's our little princess.
She had a crown, scepter and sash that said "Birthday Princess".
There were crowns for all the guest. The little princes had manly crowns. :)

I have been honored to make all the birthday cakes for her and her little brother. You can see the "line up" if you go here and here. Since this year was a princess theme, a castle cake was a must. Here's the cake.

She asked for blueberry cake.
This was a french vanilla cake with blueberry cheesecake filling.

These were blueberry cupcakes.
I revamped the strawberry cake recipe that's made with strawberry jello
and frozen strawberries and used berry blue jello and blueberries.
It was blue and tasted great.
I used egg whites instead of the whole egg
because blue and yellow (egg yokes) make green
-- I didn't want green cake batter.

She's a blessed little girl. She has family and friends that love her dearly, a beautiful home and an over abundance of toys. But the most important thing is this; she is being taught the Truth of God's Word. We are praying that someday soon, she will accept Christ as her personal Savior.

Have a blessed evening,

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Sunday Pics

My son bought a new camera and he is having a hay day taking pics of his little ones. I am so glad that I don't have to worry about getting pictures myself because he is doing it -- with gusto!

Here are a few pictures he took of the kids Easter Sunday morning.

The first two were taken after the church Easter egg hunt.
Look . . . his little hands are in his pockets.
(That's Grammie's little man!)

He was facinated with the flowers -- ahem . . . weeds.

At home before church -- and the arrival of the Oklahoma wind!
She got a hair cut for Easter.
It's the first time she has had her hair flipped.
After it was cut and styled, she kept trying to straighten it out.
This was the day before her 6th birthday. She's a sweetie Pie!!

My two favorite girls!

She looks so big in this cute outfit.

This was his first Easter egg hunt.
He wasn't yet one last year and was sick and did not get to go to church,
but this year was a difficult story. :)

She's such a sweet big sister.
She was giving him some of her eggs for his basket.

I know they are my grandchildren, but . . . . I think they are the cutest ever! :0)
Kudos to the photographer! I proud of you son!

I hope that you had a glorious Easter as you celebrated the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!!


Saturday, April 3, 2010

April's Scripture Memorization

April is here and it's time to post the verses that I will be memorizing this month. This year I am memorizing the first chapter of James. Here are the 3 verses for April:

7"Such people should not expect to receive
anything from the Lord.
8"Their loyalty is divided between God and the
world, and they are unstable in everything they do.
9"Believers who are poor have something to
boast about, for God has honored them."
James 1:7 - 9
I've always considered the book of James to be spiritual "vitamins". With that in mind, I fully intended to be spiritually stonger by the end of this year! :)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday ??

Today is Good Friday -- a very special day to Christians. It marks the day that the plan of Salvation for our sins was completed! Christ himself said from the cross, "It is finished!" Well, this was a very unusual Good Friday for me.

Yesterday I had lunch with my dear friend Valerie. We had a nice visit and finalized plans to go visit another bloggy friend, Carol, later this month. I ran some errands and went back to the office. I finished and left about 6:00 P.M.

The next morning I returned to work to find that thieves had broken in to the church. One of the things they took was the money from the children's "Buddy Barrels". The money was being collected for missionaries. There was several things taken from our youth center as well. It wasn't a large sum monetarily, but the fact that someone would be brazen enough to do this is sickening.
I snapped some pictures of the little table of barrels before I checked touched anything. Here are the sad little barrels stripped of their money:

A few minutes later two men from the high school across the street came by to told me that the school had been robbed as well and that the thieves had been caught and confessed breaking in at the church, too. Thanks to the schools surveillance cameras and the police piecing information together, they were arrested.

Now for the really sad part, the thieves: one eighth grader and two sixth graders! Babies with felonies on their records. They would have been locked up in Juvenal hall except it was only able to take those who had committed violent crimes.

These boys need our prayers. Without Divine intervention, they don't stand a chance for a happy life -- they desparately need a relationship with God.

I hope your Good Friday was . . . good!