Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday ??

Today is Good Friday -- a very special day to Christians. It marks the day that the plan of Salvation for our sins was completed! Christ himself said from the cross, "It is finished!" Well, this was a very unusual Good Friday for me.

Yesterday I had lunch with my dear friend Valerie. We had a nice visit and finalized plans to go visit another bloggy friend, Carol, later this month. I ran some errands and went back to the office. I finished and left about 6:00 P.M.

The next morning I returned to work to find that thieves had broken in to the church. One of the things they took was the money from the children's "Buddy Barrels". The money was being collected for missionaries. There was several things taken from our youth center as well. It wasn't a large sum monetarily, but the fact that someone would be brazen enough to do this is sickening.
I snapped some pictures of the little table of barrels before I checked touched anything. Here are the sad little barrels stripped of their money:

A few minutes later two men from the high school across the street came by to told me that the school had been robbed as well and that the thieves had been caught and confessed breaking in at the church, too. Thanks to the schools surveillance cameras and the police piecing information together, they were arrested.

Now for the really sad part, the thieves: one eighth grader and two sixth graders! Babies with felonies on their records. They would have been locked up in Juvenal hall except it was only able to take those who had committed violent crimes.

These boys need our prayers. Without Divine intervention, they don't stand a chance for a happy life -- they desparately need a relationship with God.

I hope your Good Friday was . . . good!




Carol said...

So sad that these children did this crime! Hopefully they will get some help.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend!


valerie said...

I enjoyed our lunch so much and am so thankful we live close so we can do it often.
I'm really looking forward to meeting Carol, Kari & little Ethan in person. That'll be a fun day!
How sad that these young boys broke into the church.
I pray they learned a lesson and pray they can find some positive direction in their lives.
Hope you had a good Easter!
Love ya,