Monday, March 8, 2010

Out of the box

Our Bible study group is currently doing "Here and Now - Then and There: A Study of Revelation" by Beth Moore. Each day we are to ask God to reveal himself to us, and then we are to briefly journal telling how God has done just that throughout the week.

For quite sometime, God has been revealing bits and pieces of his greatness to me. Last week I had a dream (I will not share the details) but the message he was reinforcing to me was that I am to let him "out of the box". My faith is too structured, too "in the box", too ordinary. He can be anything he needs to be, do anything he needs to do, go anywhere he needs to go in order to reveal himself to us, to reach us, to work miracles on our behalf. We have a tendency to wrap the Almighty in flawed flesh -- just like us. He, however, is far greater than our minds can comprehend. He has been gracious enough to give us small glimpses of his greatness, his power and his brilliance via his creation all around us, under our feet and above our heads.

Chris Tomlin wrote a song a few years ago that addresses God's greatness. Our God IS indescribable! Enjoy.



sister sheri said...

Wow! Food for thought! Am I keeping God in the box? Sometimes I can get legalistic... and it is a good reminder that He is greater than I can ever comprehend.

valerie said...

Sherry, this is so like God to show me this post today.
Just yesterday I was praying about something that I've prayed about for several years now. I was in my kitchen waiting for my coffee to brew and I looked at the square tiles on my kitchen counter and stood there and spoke out loud to God telling Him that I have put Him in a box. I traced my finger around that square tile piece and I spoke out loud again and told Him that I am fully aware that He can do anything - anyway He chooses and I was sorry I had put Him in a box. I have in my mind exactly the way I would like for this request to come about, but I have put God in a box. I'm letting Him out. :) He has a plan and I'm ready to see it unfold. His way! :)
It's SO neat to read this on your blog today!
Love, love, love it!!!!
Love you too!

Cathy said...

Yep. I try to box Him in too. I don't know why. I certainly don't want to serve a God that I could put in a box. Do you?

Margie by the Sea said...

Hi, Sherry
I was checking in with Valerie's blog and you came into my mind - so here I am.
Your entry reminded me so much of Priscilla Shirer's teaching at the Deeper Still last year which was based on Ephesians 3:20-21.
He IS able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine.
Thank you for the reminder!
Can't wait to do this study.
Abundant love and blessings.