Monday, June 30, 2008

My Innovative Man

Saturday, my husband decided that we would like to have fish for lunch so he put a package out to thaw. I saw that he had laid it on the cabinet and told him it would thaw a little faster if he put in in water.

Later I walk into the kitchen to find this:

Oh yes it is -- a trash receptacle in sink the with thawing fish inside!

T-h-a-t-s r-i-g-h-t! He used my freshly cleaned trash can that was air drying!! What's with that??
I guess he forgot that he is married to "gadget girl" who has bowls and more appropriate containers in which to thaw fish. (Maybe even a fish-shaped one!) I have a HUGE set of stainless steel bowls. A trash can??? Innovative? I'm not sure that's what I would call it!

Love you, honey :)

Life at the parsonage.....confused!


Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday's Sermon in Song

God cares for you. It doesn't matter where you've been or what you've done, He cares about you and loves you just the same. Romans 8:38-39 tells us that nothing can separate us from His love.

Friday, June 27, 2008

What a difference a day makes...

The owners of a restaurant in our small town never dreamed when they started the day that, before noon, their place of business would have a new added feature -- drive through?? Miraculously there were no injuries! At least two days of business were lost before the insurance company would allow them to close the hole and operate from of the other half of the building. A wedding rehearsal dinner was schedule for tonight in this newly renovated room. Many people had their plans shattered on this day; the owners lost business, employees took unscheduled vacations, the driver of the car suffered loss and shock, the insurance company inherited one more claim to pay, and ... the poor bride (this just happened to be the third caterer she had hired).

We start each day with our strategies intact. One event can change the course of our lives in an instant. Emmie's family can attest to this as well as the owners of the above restaurant. As a child of God, we can be assured that nothing will touch our lives that has not gone through Him first. Jeremiah 29:11 reminds us that He wants what is good for us.

If your day is spinning out of control, stop for a moment and give it to God. He can take your pandemonium, turn it around and bring His order and peace that goes beyond your understanding. He's done it for me and He will do it for you!

Life at the parsonage ... following His plan.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Turn?

I have just been tagged. Since I’m a new blogger, this is my first time. My new bloggy friend, Annette at Annie’s Eyes, is the one who tagged me. I am to answer the following questions that will reveal a few things about myself. Annie did it so eloquently now it's my turn. (Annette, I'm not a writer so I will not flow from one subject to the other as you did.) Here goes.

What was I doing 10 years ago?
That would have been 1998 -- yesterday, right? How time flies! Our son was single, still living at home and in college. We had just returned from vacation in London. (We love to travel and enjoy experiencing different cultures.) I learned that I definitely do not like lamb (as a food).
We celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary that year. I made three trips to Louisiana that summer: 1 wedding and 2 funerals. My parents were both still living.

My five favorite snacks.
I really like chips and my homemade salsa. I like different snacks depending on the the time of year. Hot weather: iced coffee, fruit salad, ice cream (Blue Bell's Rocky Road is my fav ). Cold weather: coffee and hot chocolate. I am still a chocolate lover but not as much as I used to be. I can remember asking God to make me sick on it so I wouldn't like it any more. Uh...was that an addiction??

Five things on my "to do" list today: Freshen up my house. Wash my hair. My hair is short but it still takes about an hour to do since it is so-o-o thick. At the office I need to figure and pay taxes and complete my "to do" list there. I plan to stop by kid's house to check on my daughter-in-law and grandchildren. We have a new grandson that is 9 days old today *insert big smile*. Tonight I will be working in our Vacation Bible School. This week's schedule is much less hectic than it has been over the last several months. Note: It's possible that my husband will give me something new to do at the office that will change the course of my day (it happens fairly often).

Things I would do if I were a billionaire: First thing: pay my tithes then I would find ways to invest the rest for future use. It would need to be thought out with wisdom.

We have a dream for our retirement. It's not what most people choose to do. As I said above, we love to travel and experience different cultures. My husband has been a Senior Pastor for the past 36 years (we started r-e-a-l-l-y young:) ) After retirement, as the Lord provides, we plan to travel to different parts of the world to assist missionaries. We have been researching this for years with our missions families. At times they become homesick and long to be with someone from the home country. There are times they need to come home but have no one to take their place/pulpit for a short time.

Example of a need: More recently there was a young missionary mother (and friend of ours) with three small children who had to fly along with her little ones to their post in Ukraine. She was to have a surgical procedure right before she left. Her husband had to go three weeks ahead of her to receive their containers with all of their belongings. Had I not been out of the country myself, this would have been a perfect opportunity to assist her. The finances were available. I would have helped her fly with the children and stayed to assist her in setting up her home before returning to the USA. Instead, she had to go it alone.

Besides, loneliness and sickness there are times of marital stress. We desire to be used of the Lord to help meet the practical, spiritual, emotional, financial -- various needs that they encounter. We wish to be a blessing in all of these areas. We will not go through our headquarters but will go with their "blessing" as we have done in the past. Please know that our denomination takes very good care of our missionary families but sometimes missionaries just need a friend -- without going through the "red tape" of protocol. We will have the time and are believing for the Lord to supply the finances -- we choose to fund this ourselves.

So there you have it. Wow, couldn't much be done for the Kingdom with a billion $$??? I realize that God doesn't NEED our money, He wants our hearts.

Five jobs I've had: My first job in the corporate world was working for Owens Corning Fiberglas in Texas in the Personnel Department (aka: Human Resources). My next job was working as secretary for our Senior Pastor while my husband was Youth Pastor. Later we moved to Central Louisiana where my husband was Pastor (the only one) at a small church. I then worked at Pineville Kraft Corporation for the Vice President of Production. Next we moved to South Louisiana where my husband became Senior Pastor. We were there over 16 years. I didn't work at first but later my husband needed me in the Day Care. He needed to "see" it through my eyes and I stayed as Director for 13 1/2 years. Sixteen years ago we moved to Oklahoma, where we are now. My husband is Senior Pastor (there are three ministers on staff). I work in the office for him (I call it guarding his door - an inside joke) :) My college education was is business and I have used it in all of the jobs I've had.

Five bad habits of mine: Just five? Procrastination ... I've been working on this one. When I dread a job, I put it off to "think it through" and then when I jump in to get it done, I wonder why I thought it was such a big deal. (Perhaps giving it some extra thought pays off?)

When it comes to less important matters I'm not a routine person so my self discipline in things like exercise, dieting, taking my vitamins that make be gag, (sorry, TMI) are not done consistently.

My house is kept neat and clean, in fact, I might be a little OCD here, BUT ... don't look in my closet. I have too much for it's size and have a tendency to pitch things in there when I'm in a hurry. One time we were playing the "Oldy Wedding Game" at church. The question for the husbands to answer about their wives was: "If your wife were to be auctioned off, what is the one thing you would warn them about." His answer: "Her closet!" See, I'm begin honest here. However, I do stop and clean it fairly often but once I'm on a hectic schedule, running in and out, changing quickly, it goes to ruin again.

Considering what I've just told you, you may not believe me when I say I have a tendency to be a perfectionist. I nearly always see ways to improve things and that just drives my husband NUTS! I have to be careful because he takes it as criticism. My sister-in-law who is married to his brother says the exact same thing about her husband.

One more. Being late. To be fair, not late, just not early. I started being "there" just on time at one of the churches we pastored. If I came early, I had to deal with "talk" that I didn't like being a part of, so.... if I didn't arrive extra early, the problem was solved. I've been working on reversing that and I'm doing fairly well.

Five places I've lived: Oklahoma, Texas, Central Louisiana, South Louisiana and Oklahoma again.

Five random things people wouldn't know about me:
Don't fall to sleep here. I began taking piano lessons when I was eight years old and as an adult was church organist for years. I was queen at youth camp and I still have the trophy and pictures (no need to bow). For various reasons I have been interviewed on television, radio and over the telephone. I, too, was born and married in a year ending with zero and it does help with swift calculations. I love music; listening and making it. I am one among the soloists at church but I enjoy singing harmony in a group rather than by myself.

Five cds that I'd have to take on a desert island:
The one takes more thought. I'm assuming that there would also be some equipment there to play them on :) Hmmm.... I would definitely want some classical music by Mozart; or Paschal; Andrea' Bocelli's "Amore"; Travis Cottrell's "The Lamb has Overcome"; Chris Tomlin's "Arriving"; and teaching cds - 1 series. I appreciate so many styles of music. To be able to only choose five cds would be torturous. I love Rod Stewart's "American Songbook" series, the Gaither Vocal Band, Celine Dion, movie sound tracks and so much more.

Well, this has been spread out over three days! That “to do list”, question #3, grew. My husband surprised me with the news that he booked us for a seminar today, and yesterday he handed me a large amount of typing.

It’s my turn to tag someone. Okay, Bethany at My Life in Black and White, you’ve just been tagged. This has been fun !


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Instant Replay

Yesterday, I spent the day with my precious daughter-in-law, precocious granddaughter and prince of a new grandson. I did a few things around the house that needed to be done and spent some time with the little ones. I always enjoy being with my kids.

I am so blessed with sweet family relationships. I have sat and listened to women complain about their daughters-in-laws and sometimes I would really like (not that I would) to hit them over the head and say "Are you kidding me? You didn't r-e-a-l-l-y do that, did you?" It's interesting how we booby trap ourselves by our words and actions, then wonder WHAT happened? Why am I being treated this way? What we need is to be able to do instant replays of our conversations and actions -- like the ones we see on the sports channels. I'm sure we would be quite shocked at what we saw and heard. As I've said before, life is not all about "me", it's about God. When we put Him first, all other relationships will fall into their appropriate places.

The Word of God has all the answers for us. We just need to take the time to search for them -- they are there. "Lord, help me to put your Word in my heart so that I might reflect you for your glory. Let my tongue be life to those around me -- not death."

Life at the parsonage ... in instant replay mode:)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Got Armor?

Earlier when I posted about my escapade in trimming the lawn, I failed to mention that while I was trimming, I whacked my way into an entire galaxy of mosquitoes. After being bit THROUGH my clothing, which included jeans, I ran to get the Off. Those crazy things must have been really angry because they felt like needles sticking into my skin. (Did I mention they bit through my clothing?!) Once I sprayed with Off, they were repelled and I had no more problems with them.

Today I was thinking about the scriptures in Ephesians that tell us to put on the whole armor of God. This armor is described as the one a soldier would have worn in ancient battles. Soldiers could be dressed, but if they were not suited in armor, they were at great risk of injury or death.
However, Paul was referring to the invisible armor of the Spirit.

My clothing didn't protect me from the mosquitoes -- I needed more. I needed the invisible armor of the Off to protect me from the attack of the little blood-sucking warriors. God's Spirit may not be visible to the naked eye but it is effective in our lives to protect us from the attack of the enemy.

Today, every time I felt an urge to scratch I realized that I should have put on my "armor" before I went to "battle" -- not during the battle. I pray that, spiritually, I will be quick to dress appropriately and at the right time and keep myself well equipped for any battle of the Faith I might be involved in. How about you? Are you dressed and ready?

Life at the parsonage ... suited up and ready.


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Self righteousness is as .....

It reads: "Half as big; twice as righteous"



Friday, June 20, 2008

Emmie's Progress

I talked with Emmie's Grammy today. She said that after a round of strong antibiotics, the infection is GONE! PTL! She has been able to be held in the "Kangaroo" hold and responded very well and was able to stay for 1 1/2 hour. She is still critical but has made good progress.

I learned today that Emmie's Pediatrician said that she has only seen two infants with this very rare condition, Hydrops (not sure how to spell this) and neither one survived. Emmie is now 9 days old! Prayer is making the difference for this little angel! Thanks for your prayers.

... Darlin' I love you but give me that city life.

Even though I was raised on a peanut farm, I am thoroughly a city girl at heart. Over half of my married life has been spent living in a large city and I absolutely loved it. Now we are in a very small town with a population of approximately 1000 -- on a good day.

One the nice thing about living in the city is street curbing around your lawn. It's so much easier to edge and keep looking nice than what the small town has to offer -- no curbing. Also, the city has many lawn services to offer, not to mention delivery pizza :) Today I decided I would edge the front of the house and around the circle drive. It's quite a bit of edging, but I love the manicured look.

Now ... I inherited an electric weed eater from my father-in-law and an electric edger from my father. So I got the weed eater (I used it upside down to edge) and began cutting away. I didn't get but a few feet around the drive when the line seemed to not be advancing. I re-wound the line and went back to work. This time the motor sounded very weak. So much so that it wouldn't cut even one blade -- just blew the grass over -- barely. I checked to make sure that I had it put back together correctly and went back to edging. Again, it was turning very slow and sounded pitiful! I tapped it on the drive and tried again. This time, to my amazement, the entire housing for the cord went rolling across the driveway. Not just once but twice (I tried to fix it). For cryin' out loud! I loved that little thing. So in the trash it went.

Next , I got out my inherited electric edger. So not to bore you, I will just say that it, too, is in the trash along with the weed eater. (So much for a great inheritance!) I promptly got in the car and drove to Lowe's and bought me new trimmer/edger like the picture to the left; something light weight and easy to use.

It was getting dark when I finally got the thing put together and started trimming. Alas! it works and so much better and FASTER than the other two ever did. Yahoo-jah!

If I were living in a bigger city, I'd have a pizza delivered and sit back and admire my neatly edged yard :)

Life at the parsonage ... minus some grass and trimmed.


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Emmie Update

Emmie's mom had to go back into the hospital due to her lungs filling with fluid and fluid around her heart. They hesitated giving her Lasix by I.V. because it would dry up her milk which will be very important to Emmie in days to come. Mom is doing well and after two days they sent her home -- 25 pounds lighter!

Emmie has made progress and the doctors say she is a week ahead of her expected progress. However, she has developed a new concern; an infection in her little undeveloped lungs. This puts her at great risk, but again, God has the last say in this sweet angel's life. She is now 7 days old. In two more weeks, her survival rate will go up from 50% to around 70%.

Please continue to pray for the entire family. They need strength, rest, comfort and a big miracle. The family of God is awesome and I am so glad to be a part of it!

Life at the parsonage ... feeling thankful.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

He's Here!!!!

We welcome Bryce Scott P. into the family.
He was born Monday, June 16 at 3 :31 p.m. He weighted 6 lbs. 11 oz., 20 1/2 ".

Proud Daddy and his little son!

Their first family photo
(Doesn't mommy look wonderful? She does so well!)

Proud Grammie!

This pic was taken right after he was born and his complexion was splotchy and he had just received the drops in his eyes.

Grammie, Breanna, Bryce, PaPa and Daddy

His big sister is very proud of him even though she said "as soon as he comes out he is going to have him some timeout for kicking his mommy" ..ha ha! Now that he's here, she doesn't think he needs time out. What a character! If you do not have grandchildren yet, I recommend that you get some. They are fantastic!

Life in the parsonage . . . ecstatic!


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Oh, I Can Hardly Wait!

Tonight we are off to the big city to spend the night. Tomorrow we will go to the hospital with our son and daughter-in-law to await the birth of our grandson. :) I will formally introduce you to him in my next post.

Til then,

Life at the parsonage .... excited!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Eyes Like My Father

Father's Day is time to honor your father, if he is till with you. My precious Dad is now home with his Lord and my beloved mother, Jo. I was so-o-o blessed to have had them for parents. Dad had a way of sharing his fatherly wisdom and teaching as though they were such great ideas and it caused me to want to obey and take his suggestions.

I look more like my father than my mother, but I have brown eyes like my beautiful mother; Dad's were light blue. Years ago, when it first came out, I used to sing the song Gary Chapman wrote (when he was dating/engaged to Amy Grant), "Father's Eyes". The song may be old, the author and artist no longer married, but the words are still something I desire for myself . I so want God to shine through my life (eyes). I want to "look like" my heavenly father so that he might be glorified.

Happy Father's Day to my wonderful husband, precious son and all the other awesome Dad's.

Life at the parsonage . . . grateful.


Friday, June 13, 2008

Update on Emmie

I talked the Emmie's grandmother this afternoon and she said they had not received in any word on the ultrasound of Emmie's head and brain. Her kidneys are not working yet and they really wanted her to eliminate today. She is gaining instead of loosing weight. This is not good because the reason for the weight gain is fluid retention. This little angel has so many life threatening conditions. Please continue to pray for her.

Til later,

Life Cycles


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Emmie Shai

Last night on the way to Toddlers' Class, I stopped to pick up some items for snack time. While standing in the checkout line I received a telephone call from a dear friend who is one of our church members. That afternoon her daughter, Jaclyn, had been admitted to the hospital and was soon to be transported by ambulance to another hospital an hour away. She knew that my husband would very soon step into the pulpit so she asked if I would come and pray with them before Jaclyn was transported. A very traumatic evening was about to unfold.

Jaclyn was 28 weeks and 5 days along into her pregnancy. Her due date was August 29. She had a doctor's appointment to receive some tests results but received a call to come early. They learned that her spleen and liver were enlarged, her kidneys were beginning to fail, she was painfully swollen and fluid was causing her breathing to be labored. Her blood pressure was dangerously high, her protein could was 800+ when it should have been, as I understand, around 30 and she was one point away from gestational diabetes. As it turned out, her body was mirroring what was happening to the baby and the baby was making mother very sick. They did not know why the baby was having these health issues.

I made it in time for prayer and ended up driving Grammie to the new hospital. Grandpa was in Houston on business and the baby's father had to get their 10 month old son settled with a friend before he could come.

More tests were run and compared to the ones from earlier that day and they discovered that mother and baby were both going downhill fast. To save both mother and baby they did an emergency Cesarean section. My sweet husband was on standby and waiting to hear from me as to whether he should come then or not. Not knowing what the condition of the baby would be, I called him and told him I felt he should come. He made it before the birth.

The surgery went well and Jaclyn is doing good and improving physically. Understandably, her emotions can be compared to a roller coaster ride. Little Emmie has been given a 50/50 chance of survival. Her internal health problems are her biggest hurdle. Outwardly, she is absolutely perfect. Her condition is very rare and they do not know what causes it even though they have a name for it. This evening they plan to do an ultrasound of her head and brain to see if they have been affected by this situation. Emmie is blessed to be in a very good hospital that specializes in neonatal care. Her doctor is one of two in the state specializing in critical care infants and we were told he is the best.

PLEASE be in prayer for beautiful little Emmie, her parents, Jacyln and A.J. and all the grandparents and other family members. They have a long hard road ahead of them but we know that God has the last say in all of this. They are Christians and know where their help comes from, but they need the support of body of Christ to lift them up in prayer.

I will be posting updates as I receive them.

Life at the parsonage . . prayerful.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Monday, June 9, 2008

A Place of Bliss

Saturday our Joy Fellowship scheduled a Slumber Party. There were many who were unable to attend for various reasons but mostly because of the distance. We went to the lake home of one of our church members and had a great time. It was so peaceful and relaxing. We spent quality time bonding and sharing. God was a big part of our conversation of how great and faithful He is. Women need each other and it is so beneficial to take time to get away especially with good friends in Christ.
The cabin of bliss.

We left at 1:30 p.m. Friday. It seemed to take forever to get there but the journey home was so quick. Sunnie, our hostess, took good care of us. The cabin and grounds were so nice and it's waterfront property. We sat and visited on the deck until we became hungry then went inside to get something to eat. We played games until bedtime. Breakfast was on the deck and after more sharing, we went shopping!

We are looking forward to doing this again. I feel sure that there will be more ladies go next time since they have heard what a great time we had. Thank you, sweet Sunnie!

Life at the parsonage ... refreshed!


Saturday, June 7, 2008

To My Son

Thirty-one years ago today you entered our lives and for the first time, your Dad and I met you face-to-face. You were our long awaited dream -- a sweet little baby. I remember when the nurse placed you in my arms for the second time, in my room, and I finally had a chance to look you over. Your big blue eyes searched my face as you listened to your Mom's voice. You seemed to be making the connection. You smelled of baby lotion (your first "manly cologne") and your hair was neatly combed. I formally introduced myself to you and began unwrapping your blanket. A wave of emotion and love came over me in a way that I did not expect. A responsibility for you and your spiritual upbringing suddenly was a reality.

I have so many wonderful memories of your childhood, growing years and adulthood: Frogs, fun in the mud, a caterpillar in the refrigerator (to keep it "fwesh") swimming lessons, exciting basketball games, skateboarding, tennis, learning to ride your bicycle, scrapes and bruises, band concerts, days at the trapping camp, duck hunting, boating, awesome vacations, teaching you to drive, in depth conversations on all topics, dating years, your engagement, your wedding, the day YOU became a father and so much more. Each stage of your life was new, sometimes challenging and yet exciting. I always tried to remember what it was like being your age at each stage of your life so that you could enjoy your time and not have me "rain on your parade" with motherly emotions. :)

You have been such a blessing to us -- all your life. You have grown to a man of integrity and godly character. You are blessed with awesome talent that far exceeds my expectation and that blows me away! Your love for God thrills me to the core. You allow God to shine through your life and your quiet boldness for Him is influential in the lives you meet. Godly wisdom and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit are gifts you possess.

You chose well when you chose DeLayna to be your wife. We could not have picked anyone better if we were choosing for you. And now you have a darling little girl who calls us Grammie and PaPa. In just a few days there will be a sweet baby boy as well. You are a wonderful husband and father (you have a good role model in your father). What wealth we have received as a result of your life!

Sweet Brent, you are so loved and the beautiful part is that you know it. We support you wholeheartedly. I am proud to call you my son.



Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I am still away at our newest property getting it ready to be leased. Our dear new neighbor -- somewhere, whom I do not know, is suppling internet. I have kept up with my office computer work and internet is a big help AND I can keep up on my blog reading.

Today, my dear mother-in-law had two stints placed in her heart. She came through the procedure just fine. Last week she stubbed her toe on the step going into her home and fell forward. She hurt her little finger and hit her glasses which caused a very black eye. It really looks bad and her eye is so bloodshot. Bless her. The doctor is releasing her to go home tomorrow. She is at Baptist hospital in OKC. The house we have been getting ready to lease is about a 15 - 20 minute drive from there so it has been very handy for us.

This Friday, our night-time ladies group is having a slumber party. One of the families in our church has a lake home and we will be going there for the overnight fun.

I hope to be finished with the house tomorrow. Maybe all except the final shining of the sinks, sweeping and mopping of the floors. It was is very good condition. I have washed cabinets, doors, drawers, walls, baseboards, ceilings, windows, tubs, showers and painted three entire rooms and two accent walls in the master bedroom. I cleaned carpets as well. I'm sure you get the picture. We like to make them feel as new as possible.

I know it sounds strange to some, but I have really enjoyed it. I put in 15 - 16 hour days and fall into bed feeling productive. A great part of the time I have been here by myself and that is so rare that I get to be alone. I loved it! I and God have had such an awesome time. My sweetheart has had to be at the office and carry out his duties and then came here as often as he could. Basically, he does the outside work and I do the inside. (His is harder and at this time of year, HOTTER!)
He is here with me tonight.

Life at the parsonage ... very quiet and vacant:)

Sunday, June 1, 2008



Can you believe that the year is half gone! This is the time of year that school is out and all the reward ceremonies are over. Those who did well and worked hard to achieve have received a certificate, trophy or whatever.

Time passes so quickly. It makes me think about what the Bible says about life: "its but a vapour". James 4:14 So true, especially when compared with eternity. I ask myself the question, "Have I and am I making it all count for eternity?" I had a lady say to me the other day the she just wanted to make it to Heaven. She wasn't interested in knowing what we will do there or about the rewards. The rewards are great thing because of what they represent; souls for the Kingdom. If we enter Heaven and have earned no rewards, what a loss! The loss being all of those who could be there with us; all of the lives we could have touch in Jesus' name. The rewards represent the results of our labors here on earth.

Dear ones, if we keep eternity in mind, I believe that we will find ourselves with a new drive and determination to allow Jesus shine through us. Someday we will be greatly surprised how just that simple cup of cold water given in His name had a mighty impact on a life. Let's not grow weary on this journey. We have all of Heaven cheering us on. The Reward Ceremony of all ceremonies will soon come and I want to discover that I did well. How about you?

Life at the parsonage ... inspired.