Tuesday, June 17, 2008

He's Here!!!!

We welcome Bryce Scott P. into the family.
He was born Monday, June 16 at 3 :31 p.m. He weighted 6 lbs. 11 oz., 20 1/2 ".

Proud Daddy and his little son!

Their first family photo
(Doesn't mommy look wonderful? She does so well!)

Proud Grammie!

This pic was taken right after he was born and his complexion was splotchy and he had just received the drops in his eyes.

Grammie, Breanna, Bryce, PaPa and Daddy

His big sister is very proud of him even though she said "as soon as he comes out he is going to have him some timeout for kicking his mommy" ..ha ha! Now that he's here, she doesn't think he needs time out. What a character! If you do not have grandchildren yet, I recommend that you get some. They are fantastic!

Life in the parsonage . . . ecstatic!


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annie's eyes said...

Oh both children are so beautiful. And Brianna sounds like lots of fun! Now Bryce can give you much joy too. What a beautiful family you have! I bet you can't wait for a day for mom to let you have them for a while! I can't wait--oh wait a minute--yes I can since none of ours are married yet. Enjoy and congratulations! Love, Annette