Sunday, June 1, 2008



Can you believe that the year is half gone! This is the time of year that school is out and all the reward ceremonies are over. Those who did well and worked hard to achieve have received a certificate, trophy or whatever.

Time passes so quickly. It makes me think about what the Bible says about life: "its but a vapour". James 4:14 So true, especially when compared with eternity. I ask myself the question, "Have I and am I making it all count for eternity?" I had a lady say to me the other day the she just wanted to make it to Heaven. She wasn't interested in knowing what we will do there or about the rewards. The rewards are great thing because of what they represent; souls for the Kingdom. If we enter Heaven and have earned no rewards, what a loss! The loss being all of those who could be there with us; all of the lives we could have touch in Jesus' name. The rewards represent the results of our labors here on earth.

Dear ones, if we keep eternity in mind, I believe that we will find ourselves with a new drive and determination to allow Jesus shine through us. Someday we will be greatly surprised how just that simple cup of cold water given in His name had a mighty impact on a life. Let's not grow weary on this journey. We have all of Heaven cheering us on. The Reward Ceremony of all ceremonies will soon come and I want to discover that I did well. How about you?

Life at the parsonage ... inspired.

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annie's eyes said...

This is a beautiful reminder of not living for today but for eternity! I am most thankful that there is more to life than just this brief moment. So glad you are back and getting your house together. I hope all is well. Love to you, Annette