Thursday, June 19, 2008

Emmie Update

Emmie's mom had to go back into the hospital due to her lungs filling with fluid and fluid around her heart. They hesitated giving her Lasix by I.V. because it would dry up her milk which will be very important to Emmie in days to come. Mom is doing well and after two days they sent her home -- 25 pounds lighter!

Emmie has made progress and the doctors say she is a week ahead of her expected progress. However, she has developed a new concern; an infection in her little undeveloped lungs. This puts her at great risk, but again, God has the last say in this sweet angel's life. She is now 7 days old. In two more weeks, her survival rate will go up from 50% to around 70%.

Please continue to pray for the entire family. They need strength, rest, comfort and a big miracle. The family of God is awesome and I am so glad to be a part of it!

Life at the parsonage ... feeling thankful.

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annie's eyes said...

Thanks for the update, Sherry. I'm still praying for the dear family and for that precious child. He alone! Love, Annette