Sunday, June 22, 2008

Got Armor?

Earlier when I posted about my escapade in trimming the lawn, I failed to mention that while I was trimming, I whacked my way into an entire galaxy of mosquitoes. After being bit THROUGH my clothing, which included jeans, I ran to get the Off. Those crazy things must have been really angry because they felt like needles sticking into my skin. (Did I mention they bit through my clothing?!) Once I sprayed with Off, they were repelled and I had no more problems with them.

Today I was thinking about the scriptures in Ephesians that tell us to put on the whole armor of God. This armor is described as the one a soldier would have worn in ancient battles. Soldiers could be dressed, but if they were not suited in armor, they were at great risk of injury or death.
However, Paul was referring to the invisible armor of the Spirit.

My clothing didn't protect me from the mosquitoes -- I needed more. I needed the invisible armor of the Off to protect me from the attack of the little blood-sucking warriors. God's Spirit may not be visible to the naked eye but it is effective in our lives to protect us from the attack of the enemy.

Today, every time I felt an urge to scratch I realized that I should have put on my "armor" before I went to "battle" -- not during the battle. I pray that, spiritually, I will be quick to dress appropriately and at the right time and keep myself well equipped for any battle of the Faith I might be involved in. How about you? Are you dressed and ready?

Life at the parsonage ... suited up and ready.


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