Saturday, June 7, 2008

To My Son

Thirty-one years ago today you entered our lives and for the first time, your Dad and I met you face-to-face. You were our long awaited dream -- a sweet little baby. I remember when the nurse placed you in my arms for the second time, in my room, and I finally had a chance to look you over. Your big blue eyes searched my face as you listened to your Mom's voice. You seemed to be making the connection. You smelled of baby lotion (your first "manly cologne") and your hair was neatly combed. I formally introduced myself to you and began unwrapping your blanket. A wave of emotion and love came over me in a way that I did not expect. A responsibility for you and your spiritual upbringing suddenly was a reality.

I have so many wonderful memories of your childhood, growing years and adulthood: Frogs, fun in the mud, a caterpillar in the refrigerator (to keep it "fwesh") swimming lessons, exciting basketball games, skateboarding, tennis, learning to ride your bicycle, scrapes and bruises, band concerts, days at the trapping camp, duck hunting, boating, awesome vacations, teaching you to drive, in depth conversations on all topics, dating years, your engagement, your wedding, the day YOU became a father and so much more. Each stage of your life was new, sometimes challenging and yet exciting. I always tried to remember what it was like being your age at each stage of your life so that you could enjoy your time and not have me "rain on your parade" with motherly emotions. :)

You have been such a blessing to us -- all your life. You have grown to a man of integrity and godly character. You are blessed with awesome talent that far exceeds my expectation and that blows me away! Your love for God thrills me to the core. You allow God to shine through your life and your quiet boldness for Him is influential in the lives you meet. Godly wisdom and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit are gifts you possess.

You chose well when you chose DeLayna to be your wife. We could not have picked anyone better if we were choosing for you. And now you have a darling little girl who calls us Grammie and PaPa. In just a few days there will be a sweet baby boy as well. You are a wonderful husband and father (you have a good role model in your father). What wealth we have received as a result of your life!

Sweet Brent, you are so loved and the beautiful part is that you know it. We support you wholeheartedly. I am proud to call you my son.



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annie's eyes said...

Such a beautiful tribute to your Brent. Happy Birthday to him, and he sounds like you did a great job, Mom. Knowing you're loved is the best gift of all. Love to you, Annette