Sunday, August 29, 2010

Three Showers and a Wedding

In September I am scheduled to attend three baby showers and a wedding. Thank goodness there are NO funerals included in my schedule. It seems as though we were plagued with funerals this summer. We attended 7 thoughout the month of June and July! We made a trip to Texas (just south of Dallas), two trips to Louisiana and various other cities at least an hour away to attend some of the funerals. The last one was at our church. I pray we are through with funerals for a while. It's always sad to lose a loved one.

Now, the three baby showers and a wedding are joyous occassions! Two of the baby showers are schedule to take place on the same exact day at the same time. One begins 30 minutes earlier that the other and they are about 12 miles apart. However, I do believe I will be able to attend both for a short period of time. That should be interesting! The third baby shower is on a date to itself. I will be making the cake for this one. I have decided to do a baby buggy on the cake.

The wedding should be interesting for hubs and me. My son and daughter-in-law will both we in the wedding along with her family (her brother is getting married). Our two grandchildren ages 6 and 2 are also in the wedding. Our job is to try to encourage the two-year-old to go down the isle with his sister. From there, they have it all planned out. (We will have reserved seats on the front row -- just in case it doesn't go as planned.) :-/ Fortunately, our little darling boy has a great tempermant and will be adorable no matter :)

Here are a few pics his daddy took of him after they tried on his wedding attire. What you can't see is that this little suit has nicker pants. He's such a sweetheart!

Precious boy!

Love his smile!

"Ta Dah!"


Saturday, August 28, 2010

See Box?

See box?

See box empty.

See box?

See box full!!


(Yes, I know this sounds elementary, but I can't help myself because lately I have been listening to my little granddaughter read. Actually, it sounds more like the readers back in my day than hers today.)

Okay, back to the boxes. Today I am cleaning out the garage. One side of the garage is full of items that need to be stored away or given away. I recently took down the baby crib (sniff) that is not longer needed by our grandson (sniff, sniff). I will wrap it up and store it away. I have scrapbooking items that need to be put back in the cabinet, a pre-lite Christmas tree that was left in one of our houses that needs to go somewhere, and shelves that need organizing -- again! The best part about cleaning and organizing the garage? When is it finished!!

Off to the garage! Have a wonderful weekend.


Saturday, August 7, 2010

40 Years and still counting . . . .

Today is our 40th Wedding Anniversary. Goodness, how time
has raced to this point in our lives! We have been so blessed
and are so grateful to God for His grace and goodness.

For the past two days we have been reminiscing our rehearsal and wedding day. We have laughed and talked of things that had almost been forgotten.

One of the desires of our hearts has been to travel, and we have been priviledge to travel in many parts of the world -- together. Through the joy, tears, laughter, memories good and bad and all the experiences of life that have helped to mold us into the people we are today -- the same, yet so different -- each step has been exciting and worth every inch of the way.

Over the last 40 years we have be blessed with an innumerous amount friends. I see each one as a beautiful flower that together, make a prodigious "boquet". However, God's most extravagant gift to us (besides His own Son) is our precious son. He has been an absolute blessing to us through the years and he now has a sweet family of his own. His beautiful wife of ten years and two darling children are the crowning touch!

I just finished a summer Bible study entitled "Ruth - Loss, Love and Legacy" by Kelly Minter. It has given me a greater desire to leave a legacy of my Christian faith and love for God to my family and those who will come after me. My legacy may not be as profound as that of Ruth and Boaz who are in the lintage of Christ, but as long as I do my best, that's all that really counts.

Happy Anniversary to my sweet Husband of 40 years. May the Lord grant us many more happy and healthy years together. I love you!!