Friday, June 20, 2008

... Darlin' I love you but give me that city life.

Even though I was raised on a peanut farm, I am thoroughly a city girl at heart. Over half of my married life has been spent living in a large city and I absolutely loved it. Now we are in a very small town with a population of approximately 1000 -- on a good day.

One the nice thing about living in the city is street curbing around your lawn. It's so much easier to edge and keep looking nice than what the small town has to offer -- no curbing. Also, the city has many lawn services to offer, not to mention delivery pizza :) Today I decided I would edge the front of the house and around the circle drive. It's quite a bit of edging, but I love the manicured look.

Now ... I inherited an electric weed eater from my father-in-law and an electric edger from my father. So I got the weed eater (I used it upside down to edge) and began cutting away. I didn't get but a few feet around the drive when the line seemed to not be advancing. I re-wound the line and went back to work. This time the motor sounded very weak. So much so that it wouldn't cut even one blade -- just blew the grass over -- barely. I checked to make sure that I had it put back together correctly and went back to edging. Again, it was turning very slow and sounded pitiful! I tapped it on the drive and tried again. This time, to my amazement, the entire housing for the cord went rolling across the driveway. Not just once but twice (I tried to fix it). For cryin' out loud! I loved that little thing. So in the trash it went.

Next , I got out my inherited electric edger. So not to bore you, I will just say that it, too, is in the trash along with the weed eater. (So much for a great inheritance!) I promptly got in the car and drove to Lowe's and bought me new trimmer/edger like the picture to the left; something light weight and easy to use.

It was getting dark when I finally got the thing put together and started trimming. Alas! it works and so much better and FASTER than the other two ever did. Yahoo-jah!

If I were living in a bigger city, I'd have a pizza delivered and sit back and admire my neatly edged yard :)

Life at the parsonage ... minus some grass and trimmed.



Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Way to go! That's too funny...I always said I'd never live in a town without curbs...I was wrong :)

We can get pizza delivered here from a "little bit bigger" town 8 miles away, it's the best!

Happy weekend to you :)

annie's eyes said...

I'm with you on knowing my place! When I think of hot showers, and air conditioning, I am certain I was born "for such a time as this." You figured out how to get it done. I always feel so accomplished when I can do something. I have my own power drill--I add that wherever I can, even if it isn't that relative to the conversation. Hope your week is blessed.