Monday, June 22, 2009

Revealed by popular demand!

Due to an overwhelming number of requests, ( all 4 or 5 of you) *insert applause* (lol) here are the results of the birthday cakes. Yes, I said cakes.

This is Little Slugger's cake.

There wasn't a pan available for the glove. So I bought a 16" round pan,
Googled a suitable picture, zoomed it to size, transferred it to waxed paper,
cut the cake in the shape of the glove, crumb coated the cake
and then transferred the details to the cake.
After that it was time to outline all the details then fill in with "stars".

I purchased the largest cake board I could find but as you can see,
it barely fit in the board.

I carved a little ball and placed it in the glove.
The cake was milk chocolate with chocolate buttercream frosting (so yuumy).
Here's a side view.

This ball cake was the original plan, but when the pan arrived
it was obvious that it would not yield enough servings for the number of guests
invited (mostly adults -- how many little friends can the average
one-year-old have anyway!) :)
The ball cake was coconut.
(If you like Mounds candy bars, this cake with the chocolate buttercream
could seriously send you over the edge!)

And . . . of course we needed another smash cake.

My DIL did a superb job of putting the party together.
Since the part began at 1:00 p.m, she served a pizza lunch
with salads and fruit tray (all homemade).

Here's Little Slugger's table.
My DIL make white chocolate baseball suckers for the kids.
They are on the right end of the table.

I have some cute pics from the party that I'll post tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by today. Have an awesome Monday!



Keetha Broyles said...


I USED to do cakes like this for my kids - - - back in the day - - - and I KNOW the work involved!!!

Great job, Grandma!!!

Heather said...

SHERRY!!! I am so impressed, those cakes look amazing!!!! You did a fantastic job!! Do you do this alot? You are inspiring me to do my kids cakes this year! Seriously, you did a fantastic job! Love them!!

Sherry said...

Thanks gals! Actually I do them on family birthdays -- only!

TCKK said...

That cake looks awesome! You did such a great job! Now, if only I could taste it. lol

Looking forward to the party pics.