Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday Cartoons

Isn't interesting how our senses stir up memories? I grew up on a peanut farm in Caddo County, Oklahoma. I remember beautiful, cool summer mornings with birds chirping outside my bedroom window. Fast forward ?? years, and I still love hearing the birds sing in the morning. Most any day I can step out on our patio and hear their arias and sometimes just simple morning chatter.

Last week I heard a woodpecker trying it's best to bore a hole in the metal gutters on the parsonage. Loony bird! His beak must have been "Z" shaped by the time he gave up. I could just imagine how his poor little head must have been buzzing! I wonder if he saw stars!

Anyway, the woodpecker brought back memories of another woodpecker from my childhood -- the famous "Woody Woodpecker"! Remember him?

He was such a feisty little character!

When Mr. Lantz was looking for the right voice for the Woody Woodpecker cartoon show, his wife auditioned without revealing who she was. When her husband heard her interpretation of what a woodpecker might sound like, he loved it and hired the voice -- not know it was his wife! Isn't that a hoot?!!

Saturday morning cartoons -- being a carefree kid -- lovin' life! Remember?

Have a wonderful Saturday!



Keetha Broyles said...

I LOVED him.

We didn't have a TV for years, and even when we did our parents didn't let us watch Saturday Cartoons - - - TV time was reserved to about an hour each evening, and later the news for dad.

BUT - - - when we went to Aunt Doris' house, SHE let us watch cartoons!!!! I can remember lying on her living room floor - - - in a line with my sister and cousins - - - just SOAKING it in.

Fun times

Fun memories.

Thanks for making me think of them this morning.

TCKK said...

Yep, I remember. Nothing I loved more than watching Saturday morning cartoons as a kid. That's something my kids never got into.

valerie said...

I loved "Woody Woodpecker."
I never have heard that story about Mr. Lantz' wife.
Very interesting.

We have dove around our house. It's quiet this morning and I just heard a dove as I sit inside.

Hey, I sent you an e-mail. I made our plane reservations for our Jan. trip! We are set girl!

Have a great Lord's day!