Monday, June 29, 2009

Smooth as a baby's . . .

When I was a little girl (around first grade), we had a sweet Cocker Spaniel. She was so black that in the sunlight you could see a hint of blue. She had big, loving brown eyes and was the absolute best pet ever. In fact, she looked very much like the dog in the picture on the right.

She had one very unique feature -- she had NO tail -- not even a stub! Her backside was as smooth as a baby's behind -- with hair, -- lots of hair. When she was happy or got excited, she wiggled her backside. Poor thing, she didn't have a tail or even a stub to wag, all she could do was wiggle. So we named her Wiggles. (I sure hope that didn't annihilate her self-esteem. If so, she never let on.)

One day, when she was curled up napping, I sat down beside her and gave her a big hug . . . only to realize that I was at the wrong end! Oooops! No tail to identify which end was which!

Wiggles lived for several years. It was a sad day when she went to meet her Maker. My Dad buried her in a special place on our farm. We still remember sweet Wiggles. Somehow , through all these years, she has continued to stand out as an especially beloved pet.

A boy + dog just seems natural. My son loves dogs and has had a number of them through the years. Pets are a lot of work for Mama's but they sure bring warmth to a home. Not only warmth, but countless hours of joy. (They never tell your secrets!) They are always so excited to see you and love unconditionally. Actually, they are great examples for us. We should show excitement around our family and friends when we are in their presence, and we should love them unconditionally. We could learn some things from our pets - don'tcha think?

Did you or do you have a special pet(s) that are a part of your family? Maybe there was a special pet in your childhood. I would love to hear your story!



grammy said...

We had a cocker when my kids were little and she was 'crazy'. I had lots of dogs growing up in a small town with no fences and no leash laws. Dogs got dropped off in the country and just came to your yard. One of my favorites was a giant black lab. I named him Chopper.

valerie said...

We always had poodles when I was growing up.

I just posted about our sweet little Miss Molly over the weekend. She was precious. She lived to be almost 16 and we had to have her put to sleep in June of '07.
It was a very sad day. Yes, those pets become such a part of the family.

Yolanda said...

We had a cocker as well as a child then a delightful basset hound named Miss Kitty.

Miss Valerie shared that I'm going to be blessed to meet you in January!!! :-)

Heather said...

Oh Sherry, we had 2 Cocker Spaniels, A brown and a black, Trixie and Cocoa. I thought they were the cutest puppies. Love your story!

Lois Lane II said...

Ooooh -- you got me on my fav subject: my pets. =D

The one from childhood that stands out the most is Che-che, a Chihuahua we got when I was in the 4th grade who's still alive. She's a mean ol' dog to other animals, but she is super sweet to people, especially my dad, her favorite person.