Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Play Date

What a fun day the kids (little and big) had at the Jasmine Moran Children's Museum! We invited B's best friend, his parents and little sister (and one other family that couldn't come) to join us for the day.

We started off with lunch at McDonalds then headed out to the Museum. This is such a great hands-on place for kids. Because we had little B with us, I didn't get as many pics and I would have otherwise.

B is sand sculpting.

Creating a Masterpiece!

This is so cool.
As the kids would stand there, butterflies, marbles and other
things would "land" on their shadow.
With the flash off, I captured somewhat of an image.
These were butterflies.

Ready for work!

All done!

The aquarium.
The littlest girl (R's sister) has quite a personality.
She squealed and jumped up and down when she saw the fish.
This section of the aquarium was filled with polluted water.
I felt sorry for the fish is this section.

Good friends! (R has on face paint. B washed her off.)
They get along so well. It's a pleasure to be with them.
B and I were actually in conversation when I took this pic.
She had some question about the little plane.
They also had an actual cockpit of a jet plane for the kids to "fly" as well.

He enjoyed the day, too!

There was an operating room, emergency room, grocery store, a town, Segway Transporter to ride, climbing jungles, arts and crafts, television studio, real ambulances, fire trucks, a maze to walk through, puppet shows, water fun and SO much more!

Another beautiful day to have fun with the little ones -- a blessing from our Father!

Have a wonderful weekend.



Keetha Broyles said...

That sand sculpting is one of the coolest things I've ever seen. The shadow thing probably was really cool too, but that's a little hard to tell from a photograph.

Grammy and Olivia said...

Oh boy this looks like a fun place. Love the pictures.

moses said...

WoW! The children are really ready to work..

Children love fun and I believe they enjoyed their time in the museum!

TCKK said...

That sounds like such an awesome place. The pictures are great!!