Saturday, December 27, 2008

Santa came for a visit!

Yes, he did!
Even after his big Christmas Eve night,
he stopped in to spend Christmas Day with us!

I was too busy to realize that I didn't get a good pic of his Santa suit that came complete with belt and boots! He was such a little charmer. Great Grandma enjoyed holding him.

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas with family and friends that you hold dear. We had a wonderful and fun Christmas! This year, we had a Christmas morning brunch. Our kids and my MIL were all there.

Then it was time to open the presents. The gifts were overflowing out from under the tree. To say the least, we were very blessed.

Breanna's big gift from us was a Grand Doll House with 7 rooms of furniture and accessories. She really enjoyed playing with it -- ever before we got it completely put together.

It has 4 stories.
The doll house came with mom, dad, twins (boy & girl), swing set,
BBQ grill, picnic table, kitchen table & chairs.
We gave her 7 rooms of furniture. She opened two of them to play with and
waited to open the rest when she got home -- lots of pieces.
This is something she will be able to enjoy as she grows.
The rooms are so detailed and fun.
What little girl doesn't like a doll house! ?
Next, we need to find a table for it to sit on.

Bryce's big gift was a Leap Frog driving thingy. It's a lot of fun. He is inheriting some of his sister's babyhood toys such at the Leap Frog learning table we got her when she was a baby. So, not to overload the playroom with duplicates, his gift wasn't as "big". He received two other Leap Frog toys and lots of clothes. (Mommy said he needed them.)

I didn't get any pics of him opening his gifts. I'm going to have to put Hubs in charge of the camera more often. (He took so many when our son was small and during vacations that he has retired from cameras. :) That's what he says anyway. ) Afterward, we had mountains of wrapping paper,bows, boxes and tissue paper to pick up.

Here are a few more pics from December 23 when we had Christmas at my brother's home.

"Hey, Grammie,
I think I like this thing called Christmas!

She's into posing now!

Three loves of my life!

Two of my favorite guys!

Cousin Colton. (My brother's grandson.)
He was getting a guitar for Christmas so he asked Brent to
give him some info such as the name of the strings and chords.
This little guitar was given to him by a friend. There's a big hole
in the back and he has taped some paper over the hole. He really does need a guitar :)

"Let see, a quick overview of the instructions and then it's play time!"

A new form of "paper dolls". This is so neat.
It's made of flexible rubbery material.
Cinderella's shoes are so tiny.

There's nothing like the love of family!
God gives the best gifts of all.
The gift of His Son is the most priceless and one that I have been so grateful to receive.
I trust that you, too, had a blessed Christmas.



Grammy and Olivia said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun, we did too. You are right, there is nothing quite like the smile on a grandchild's face to make the day perfect.

Keetha said...

That doll house is AWESOME!!!

valerie said...

I love the doll house. You're right...she'll enjoy it for many years to come.
It looks like you all had a great Christmas and lots of fun with your family.
You have such cute grandkids.
Our family did too. God is good!