Thursday, December 18, 2008

I just love to do Christmas baking! Do you? It fills the house with wonderful aromas and makes it seems so cozy.

Yesterday I prepared for a Christmas party in my Toddler's Class at church. I made Christmas cookies for them. I took a homemade shortcut and made shaped cookies with my cookie press. The kids actually eat this type better than the cut out cookies frosted and decorated. Here's the kind I served at the party.

Trees and wreaths. They liked the wreaths best :)
Must have tasted better ;)

A close up.
Very simple and much quicker.

I have more baking to do. I will be making my grocery list and checking it twice. Then, off to the store I must go.


P.S. I changed the background after all. The other Christmas one didn't house my text and was hard to read. This one allows it all to fit. Much better!


TCKK said...

The cookies look scrumptious and I like the background you picked. It's the same one I picked! We'll just call it the Pastor's Wife's Pick!!

Lois Lane II said...

Wow. Those are such pretty cookies!!! I'm not very good with shapes.

Heather said...

Those cookies look great!!! Thanks for the sweet comment, that means so much!! Man, wish I could reach my hand through the screen and get a cookie!!