Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Picture Day

Since my Christmas theme is "Toys", our daughter-in-law wanted to take the kids' Christmas picture in front of our tree. Her cousin , Tammy, who does some photography on the side came over to our house and took a lot of pictures for them to choose one for the 2008 Christmas card.

This is the very first picture that was taken
the only one that we got of the baby smiling
wouldn't you know, big sister was looking away.

It isn't difficult to get him to smile, but I think the flash was overwhelming
so he just stared from here on out.

She took a few singles for fun.
"Is this for ME?!"

She still gives us her "cheesy" smile :)

AND . .


Good job, Tammy!
You know what they say about children and pets!

Merry Christmas


Grammy and Olivia said...

How cute!

valerie said...

How precious!

(I sent you an e-mail/prayer request)

Tiffany said...

Those are precious! Isn't it always the case getting both (or all) the kids to look at the camera and smile at the same time is near impossible! They're still beyond adorable! Have a blessed CHRISTmas!! Psst.. I'm a follower now! :)

TCKK said...

They are so adorable!!! Merry Christmas!

annie's eyes said...

Such precious children I know you enjoy! What fun to share Christmas through the eyes of a child. Blessed Christmas and Happy 2009! Love you, Annette