Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The God of all creation . . .

To me, there's not much that can take my breath away any more than God's creation. Especially when looking at beauty of the landscapes of this earth. We spent Monday and Tuesday of this week in Dallas. The trip was planned with friends who wanted us to see the Dallas Arboretum and botanical gardens. We used to live near Dallas (early marriage) and it has been a while since we spent any time there -- more than just passing through -- so the trip brought back a lot of memories of back when ....

Here are some pics from yesterday.
The Texas Lone Star.
They also had a longhorn steer, covered wagon w/horses & a butterfly.

A simple but beautiful little rose.

In the sunken garden.

The bells are so fascinating to me.

There were plenty of these little guys who just love to eat zenia blooms.
This is a great place to bring your children. However, toddlers may be very tempted to pick the flowers (a real "no, no") or run through the flowerbeds (another "no, no"). You can bring a picnic lunch or snacks and sit on the beautiful grass under the huge trees and just rest for a while. These is a petting zoo, homes to tour and much more. We didn't see it all but had a nice time.

Dear sisters in Christ, we serve the God of all creation. To see the delicate flowers and the care in which He made them just reminds me how much more He loves and cares for us. To be His child means that we are heirs which gives us special access to the God of all creation. No matter what your need might be today, the great I AM is there to be more than enough for your situation. More than enough!!

Life at the parsonage . . . feeling in awe of God's greatness!


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