Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Can He Cut It?

Infomercials have flooded the television over the past several years. If you happen to be up in the very early hours of the morning and turn on the TV, that's pretty much what will be showing.

Today I saw the Gardner Groom Hedge Trimmer. It looks likes this:
I caught myself laughing as I watched them trimming pre-trimmed hedges and shrubs. They were demonstrating how easy, neat and clean it worked but what made me laugh was that when they finally ran the trimmer across a piece of hedge that needed trimming -- it didn't cut! They had to go back over it once or twice! Yeah buddy, it made me what to pick up the phone and order one of those babies! I would have liked to have seen what it would have done on a shrub that really needed trimming. It may be a great product, but I will have to have more proof before I buy. You just never know if the infomercial items for sale are genuinely a good deal. Our local TV news networks review various types of infomercials to reveal if they really work or not. In the case of the trimmer's first try, it couldn't cut it.

It makes me think of Christianity. There are those who wear the "tag" as a form on godliness. Matthew 7:15 tells us to beware of those who come in sheep's clothing but inside are ferocious wolves. They are such a danger to the body of Christ not to mention the baby Christians who are not yet stable in their walk of faith. Thank you Jesus for the Holy Spirit who helps us discern these types of things.

I desire to be genuine in my walk with Christ. I strive to be wise as a serpent but harmless as a dove (Matthew 10:16). I want the sword of His spirit (the Word) to cut away anything in my life that does not belong. Can He cut it? Oh, yes he can!

Life at the parsonage .... thinking on the Word.


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