Thursday, April 24, 2008

"Fresh" Salad Anyone?!!!

Look closely at the package. Just below the words "Fresco Lavado"...

Oh! My! Word! Talk about freaking out. That would be me! It is believed that the water the lettuce was washed in contained polliwogs and these became "fresh" new frogs, right in the packages! I guess, as the Cajuns would say, Mexico put a little lagniappe (something extra) in their bags of lettuce!

Life at the parsonage ... avoiding this brand of lettuce!

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annie's eyes said...

Ummm, someone here would not be happy and that would be me. I do know about lagniappe, and that's supposed to be bread pudding or a little corn crab bisque, not a reptillian creature in the salad bag. Just, almost as bad as my reptillian visitor. Love your blog, my friend. Thanks for stopping by mine the other day. Blessings, annie