Monday, April 28, 2008


I just love to scrapbook. I wish I had the space to keep it set up all the time, but the parsonage just isn't big enough. I did set up in the guest room this winter, but had to put it all away -- guests were coming and they needed a place to sleep! :) I had started out organized on two small tables but it grew like fungus to the floor and then to the bed. I do have a lot of stuff!! So, it is now all packed up in my scrapbooking storage drawers, bags and bins in the closet.

I'm a lucky scrapbooker because I got one of these for Christmas.Oh - my - word! I just love my Cricut! I have used it for not only scrapbooking, but for my toddler class crafts, bulletin boards, cards and more. If you scrapbook, you'll love a Cricut. No more needing to buy stickers, letters, etc.

If you have one, do share. What's your favorite cartridge?

Life at the parsonage....creative?


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