Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Weekend Recap

Breanna turned 4! Here are a few of the MANY pics that I took of the party fun. (She is such a fun girl.)

Blowing out the candles on the pig-nosed Cinderella cake I made. Even though Cinda needed a nose job, she was delicious.
It was a fresh strawberry cake.

Mommy's yummy cupcakes.

Blue ice cream cones. Thank you uncle Billy.
Blue is my favorite color and flavor.

Best bud, Riley. Do they look like partners in crime - uh -mischief or what? These two munchkins play together without conflict! Honest! I caption them as "joined at the hip".
So cute!

Mommy, Daddy and baby brother who will arrive in June.

The gifts!

A bike!

Don't forget the protective gear!
Later she discovered how cool the knee and elbow pads are.

Outdoor fun! (Pa Pa supervising).

Watch out! Here comes a woman driver.
She gave the phrase "cruis'n for a bruis'n " a new meaning;
she crashed him into the swing set!

Actually, he was steering, she was the "girl-power".
The video of this is hilarious. She started pushing the car without him in it. He decided that he wanted a ride, so he ran and caught up with her. She just kept going and he jumped in the car while it was in motion. Thus, his crammed-up position.

Me and one of the loves of my life. What a blessing he is!

Me and two more loves of my life!

The Tods played outside for a long time. After everyone left, I helped DeLayna put the house back in order. They went out to dinner with DeLayna's parents and then took Brea to Chunk E. Cheese to use some tokens she had. We had dinner in town before going home. A great day Sunday topped off the weekend. I, like David, was glad when it was time to "go into the house of the Lord."

Life at the parsonage this weekend .... full of thankful hearts.


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Hello :) I saw you at The Preachers Wife and just had to say hi...the name of my blog is Life in the parsonage :) Great minds think alike, HA!