Thursday, May 1, 2008

Remind me, Lord

I like the True Value Hardware commercial. You know, the one where a lady is trying to pick paint and she can't make up her mind. The hardware store employee has a flashback of her own color choice dilemma and recognizes the customers frustration, The camera then shows the customer who looks a little like this:The employee assures the customer that she can help her make a good selection.

There have been times that I felt like the lady in this picture. How about you? Life can come crashing in some days but that's when I try to remember to turn the whole thing -- mess and all-- to God. I'm sure He would REALLY appreciate me turning my day over to Him BEFORE I make a mess of it:)

Today I had a full day with little toddlers. Let me give you two hints of how my day went ... broken glass and an "egg" on the head!! :o

Life at the parsonage ... hang'n loose!


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