Thursday, May 8, 2008

As If You Wanted To Know

This afternoon I ran errands in the "big city" of my state (approx 45 min. drive):
  • Return extra Bible study workbooks at Lifeway
  • Buy Kindergarten graduation gifts and wrapping (gift bags)
  • Buy teaching material for my young adult Sunday School class
  • Buy smocks for my toddlers class (for finger painting, etc.)
  • Buy decor for my grandson's nursery (he's schedule to be born June 16)!
  • Buy 2 circut cartridges: "Doodlecharms" and "Animal Kingdom" - on sale!
Whew! All this after I worked at the office! I'm ready for a relaxing evening of ... laundry!

Life at the parsonage ... busy!

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annie's eyes said...

I do want to know--what materials are you using for your Young Adult class? I think I would like to get back in and teach a class again, and this age particularly has my heart, since my own kids are this age. Thanks, Sherry.