Friday, November 27, 2009

Getting ready for the holidays

I just love Christmas! I wish that the decorations could stay up as long as autumn does. I try to decorate as early as I dare so I can enjoy them as long as possible.

I have two tree themes (I only put up one tree -- I rotate from year to year). The themes are "Toys" and "Victorian" -- one for children and the other more for grown-ups. However, I haven't used the Victorian theme since my granddaughter's first Christmas. Children love the "Toy" tree because of all the toy ornaments. Also, I have some old fashioned toys under the tree and kids ARE allowed to play with them. The airplanes, a set of red bicycles, a red wagon, a train, nutcrackers and a train are among our granddaughter's favorite. My grandchildren will have fond memories of Christmas at Grammie and Pa Pa's house.

Last Wednesday, B stayed overnight at our house. Earlier that day I had cleaned the patio (which is made like a walled courtyard) and decorated it for Christmas. That evening she and her Pa Pa snuggled on the loveseat in front of the fireplace, drinking hot chocolate and watching "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" while the Christmas lights sparkled in the darkness. And me? I was in the kitchen preparing our Thanksgiving desserts -- and serving hot chocolate. Next time I want to snuggle with her on the love seat -- and be served hot chocolate! ;)

I have almost finished my Christmas decorating. I only lack the tree and dining room table. The front door (inside and out), piano, mirror, coffee table and end tables, grandfather clock, pation and kitchen are finished. I may decide to sit out a few things in the bedrooms and bathrooms. As I said, I love Christmas!

Simple things can make the best memories. We are blessed with some wonderful memories. Some that have been captured on film, but many more that live only in the realms of our minds.



Misty said...

I just read on Valerie's blog that your birthday was yesterday? Happy belated birthday, and I hope that it was wonderful. I pray that you will have many more blessed days ahead! :)

valerie said...

Sounds like a wonderful tree that the kids really enjoy and you're right....they'll always have those precious fond memories of the fun decorated house at Grammies and PaPa's house. Plus the hot chocolate and snuggling. Fun!

Christmas is my favorite too!
I love everything about it.

Your background is really cute!