Thursday, November 19, 2009

Getting into the spirit . . .

Last week we took off a couple days and headed to Branson, MO. We wanted to see the Christmas decorations and shows because after Thanksgiving we will barely have time to come up for air -- the calendar is full.

We had such a great time. We spent one day at Silver Dollar City. One of the shows wet saw was Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol", a live production that was amazing! It far exceeded our expectations. They did a phenomenal job. For example, when Mr. Scrooge went to his front door the night of his visits from the spirits of Christmas, the carving on the door spoke to him and "stretched" outward toward him. Also, the Spirit of the Present flew out over the audience and there were many more surprises. At the end, the actors were singing and the snow was falling. All of a sudden, it began snowing over the entire audience! And, in case you've never been to Silver Dollar City, the shows are all included in the price of admission to the park.

Since we were going to be there while it was all decorated for Christmas, we decided to come prepared to have some pictures taken that could be used for our Christmas card. We had a few taken professionally that will used for the card, but here is one that a stranger took of us -- and we returned the favor.

You might think that I'm rushing it a little since Thanksgiving is still a week away, but let me say that I am thankful for our country and all of God's blessings -- I thank Him everyday. However, I am even more thankful for the birth of His Son and what that represents -- the plan of salvation! So, I'm ready to begin the Christmas season now.

Love, Sherry

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valerie said...

Great picture!
I'm glad you were able to get away and enjoy Branson & the show.
Last year around this time I was there. I love it there.