Saturday, November 21, 2009

A time of thanksgiving

Yesterday at our granddaughter's elementary school, parents and grandparents were invited to eat a Thanksgiving lunch with the students. Our son and daughter-in-law were not able to attend so we were asked if we would like to be B's guests. OF COURSE we accepted!

We arrived a little early to check in and receive our name tags. We made our way to the cafeteria and popped in to see the head cook who is part of our church family. We had a short visit with her. Then before too long, our sweet girl came in with her class. It's hard to believe that she is growing up so fast. She is almost half way through Kindergarten!

Here are a few pictures from our time with her.

The 1st Kindergarten class coming in for lunch.

B and her classmates.

Lunching with PaPa . . . .

. . . and with Grammie
Her teacher took this one of the three of us.

After lunch we were invited to walk with her to the library so we could see her picture on the library doors. To encourage reading, the students to read during each month. The goal is 80 books. Since she is learning to read, she is allowed to have books read to her. Only one student per class can be the winner and they get their picture up on the library doors, their name anounced over the intercom system and and be a part of an ice cream party. She was the only one in Kindergarten that made it to 80 books. (Last year she won in Pre-K too.)
Here a not-so-good picture of the library display.

Her picture is in the "October" window top row, just left of the camera flash.

Close up of her picture.

I am one blessed chick that thanks God every day for His grace, love, blessings, and unmerited favor! Are you counting your blessings? What has God done for you?



Joan Carr said...

Who knew that grandchildren could be so much fun. My grandson is making me young again, I find I a doing things I had not done n years just to play with him.

Cathy said...

So sweet!

Amber said...

Hi, I just stumbled across your blog through M2M blogroll. I too am a pastors wife who lives in a parsonage. Love your blog! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

LisaShaw said...


What a beautiful grand daughter and message. I'm a Grandma to two beautiful baby girls so I well understand the blessing of being a grand parent.

Beautiful photos. Enjoy your family. Happy Thanksgiving.

valerie said...

I'm so thankful that you live close to your grandchildren and can be part of special events like this. What a blessing!

I am so blessed I don't know where to begin.....
God has given me wonderful parents who took me to church from the time I was 1 week old. There is never a time I have not been in God's house or not felt His amazing love. I was saved when I was 8 years old.

I have three amazing sisters (who are married to great men) a wonderful husband and two children. God blessed us with the best son-in-law a person could ever ask for. My mother-in-law is the best! We have great friends. My grandmother is 94 and still living alone and doing well. Nieces & nephews. We're all healthy!!!!!!!!! Thank God for that for sure.

I'm thankful we have a home, jobs, transportation.
I'm thankful we are able to enjoy life at this time of our life. He has allowed me to travel and enjoy time with family and friends. I have also met some super amazing women while you, Sherry!
I'm very thankful for you!