Friday, April 3, 2009

Scripture Memory Challenge

I'm a couple days late in posting my scripture. Whew! Doesn't time pass quickly? The passed two weeks have whizzed by at supersonic speed!

I have changed translations. To be honest . . . I don't use words like "lofty" very often, so I decided to switch translations and have chosen the NLT (New Living Translation). I have been working diligently to relearn my verses in this translation. So much better for me! Here is mine for the next two weeks:

"I can never escape from your Spirit! I can never get away from your presence!"

Psalm 139:7

I did that from memory ! :)

Hide and seek was a favorite game of mine when I was a little girl. I remember when I was about 4 years old I heard this scripture. I can remember thinking, "Oh, yes I can hide. I'll just get under the table, or under my bed, or under something and God can't see me!" I have since learned that there is no hiding from God. What I desire most today is to hide my life in Him -- not from Him! How about you?



valerie said...

I've been doing really well so far and am sticking with the NIV. That's kind of how I felt trying to memorize Ps. 139 out of the KJV.

I never say the word "lofty" either ;) but from what I can see by looking ahead that seems to be the only word that didn't seem like something I'd say. I admire you for re-learning in another version.

I'm so glad for this challenge. I'm lovin' it!
Have a great weekend Sherry!

MiMi said...

Love that translation and love that verse! Oh, that I would hide my life IN HIM! Thanks for the challenge.