Saturday, April 11, 2009

A quick update

Good morning my sweet bloggy friends! I only have a quick minute to post. I just drove in from out of town for choir practice that begins in 15 minutes! But I wanted to THANK YOU for praying for Oklahoma. There have been 200 homes lost in the fires and there has been tornadoes near Tulsa. I know that Tennessee, Georgia and some of the eastern states have had severe weather as well. They, too, need prayer.

I stayed home Thursday night ( hubs was an hour away) just in case some of the church people who were evacuated need a place to stay, etc. By the time I knew of their situation, they had already been asked to evacuate so I was unable to talk with any of them. The little town they live in is only 5 - 8 miles from us.

The air was filled with smoke Thursday night. There were so MANY fires throughout the state. One small town was unable to evacuate due to the fire surrounding the town. They rode it out with their fire department. I think they made it through ok.

I gathered up some things I wanted to take with me in case the wind shifted. Thank God all is well here, but there are so many people without a home today! Please continue to pray for them.

I must head out to choir practice. We are doing a dress rehearsal for our Easter production.
(Hopefully this makes some sense).



annie's eyes said...

Praying for you, Sherry, and for those who lost their homes with the violent weather. Glad you are safe and sound. Easter blessings this day as you wake up and know He rose indeed and so will we. Happy Easter! Love, Annette

valerie said...

Those fires were terrible!
Too close for comfort, huh?

Someone said the fires were deliberately started. Have you heard that? If so, that's terrible.

I am thankful to see rain today. I know it will mess up Easter egg hunting for many, but we sure need it.

Happy Easter my sweet friend.


Faye said...


Heather said...

I have been praying for all that were hit by the tornados, my home town and state in TN were affected by it as well. So devestating for those are going through this.

Lois Lane II said...

Wow, Sherry! I had no idea how close you were to that. I'm praying for you and to those who lost their homes. =(