Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Scripture Memory Challenge

It's already time for verse 8 of our scripture memory challenge! It actually feels good to put God's Word in my memory banks! Like most of you, I carry my verses with me at all times.

Here is verse 8 of Psalm 139:

"If I go up to heaven you are there; if I go down to the grave you are there." NLT

I have been studying the book of Jonah for the past several weeks. Jonah tried to run from the presence of the Lord. Each time I have read that portion of the book I was reminded of this verse and verse 7 that says:

"I can never escape from your Spirit; I can never get away from your presence."

Knowing that God is ever-present gives me such comfort and assurance. Some say God is a crutch, but I KNOW He is my Rock! I love Him so!



Esthermay said...

"Ever Present." GREAT Thought.
I just read this earlier today:

In all His people Christ is Present.
In some of His people Christ is Prominent.
In a few of His people Christ is PREEMINENT.
~ F.B. Meyer

Takes it just a step further. . .

God Bless you!

annie's eyes said...

That verse is very comforting. He will always be with us--we are not alone. Love, A

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MiMi said...

What a comfort this verse is to me! Whatever I am going through, He is right there with me and He will never leave me or forsake me.

valerie said...

Hope you're doing ok Sherry.
I haven't heard from you in a while and wanted to tell you I'm thinking about you.
I miss it when I don't see a post from you.
Talk to you soon.

valerie said...

I've been missing you Sherry!
Hoping everybody's ok.