Friday, April 10, 2009

Learning to apply

In our Sunday School class, we have finished "Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage" and have begun "Fireproof". This is an awesome movie and it demonstrates many of the things that Mark taught in his series.

Satan has been attaching our homes since the time of Adam and Eve. Does that not tell us how powerful and influential a stable home can be? Marriage and home life was designed by our brilliant God, and we should do everything we possibly can to protect this precious gift. No matter what our past looks like, today is a new day. God's mercies are new each morning and He desires to help us along the way.

Our class has learned so much and I pray that each of us will put this knowledge into action when needed.

The next subject for our class will be "Jonah". I have been digging into this little book and plan to spent 4 weeks taking a look at the life of this prophet and looking for things to pull out that can relate to us today. If you have learned or have any insight into the life of Jonah, I would love to hear from you. I do know one thing, I want to learn from the pages of Jonah and not do the field trip! To be honest, I'm not into pruney skin and seaweed hats! Are you?

Learning to apply the knowledge God has given us will spare us unnecessary pain and hardships! I want to do life His way!



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valerie said...

Danny & I watched Fireproof last Friday night.
We planned to see it at the theater when it came out and then it seemed like every time we planned to rent it, all the copies were out.

One of my friends brought it by the church and I borrowed it. You're right....there is a great message in this story. We thoroughly enjoyed it.

I'll be anxious to hear how the study goes.

Have a great weekend!

Love ya,

Grammy and Olivia said...

My hubby and I are teaching Fireproof right now in Sunday School. It is a good series.
Happy Easter!