Monday, August 18, 2008

What a friend He is

Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in life and its busyness that we can momentarily forget what a wonderful friend God is. We hustle about with the cares of life and try to handle it all ourselves, and by doing so we forfeit God's wonderful peace. Let's not forget to always share every part of our lives with our blessed Redeemer. He IS the great I Am, the one true God and...... our best friend.



annie's eyes said...

thank you for the smiles today and the reminder that He is our ever present friend, indeed. I have a hard time with that concept because of the church background I have. I always feared God, revered Him, but had a difficult time with seeing Him as a friend except singing "Jesus is all the world to me. My life, my joy, my all. He is my strength from day to day...He's my friend..." I knew it in my mind but couldn't grasp it in my heart. He is my truest friend.Love to you, Annette

bethany said...

Hi Sherry,
Just wanted to say thank you for your comment on my blog....please come back anytime!
God works in most amazing ways....I was talking with one of my co-workers at school this morning about church (we went to the same church for a few years) and were talking about how difficult life truely is and then I received your comment via my email and your quote was right on. Life is so very hard at times but God is absolutely good all the time! It is important that we do not get those two ideas mixed up!
Thank you sweet siesta for bringing encouragement to this siesta who is a stranger in this life but a sister forever...!

Bethany in California

PS. LOVED that Chonda Pierce video....looks like it was at a Gaither gathering video. I was so touched by her story!