Saturday, August 30, 2008

Got a spot?

I'm sure you have seen this commercial. I think its funny! But, each time I see it, something speaks loudly to me. The man TRYING to impress the interviewer with information about his accomplishments, is completely out talked by the stain on his shirt. It's a hoot! This is a perfect example of the phrase "actions speak louder than words".

I wonder if this is how others see us when we talk one way and live another, perhaps without integrity and good character Are we always honest? Do we strive to do what is right? Do we witness with our mouths only or are we being a witness by our actions and deeds? There is a difference. We need to be witnesses.

I ask God daily to help me keep the "spots" from my life. He loves a repentant heart and will lovingly help us remove the things in our lives that could "out talk" witness. We just need to sincerely ask. How about you, are you willing let God do a little "laundering" on your heart?

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