Saturday, August 23, 2008

I want it all.....and I want it now!

Have you seen the Chase credit card commercial where a wife has had it with their family television? She says to her husband, "You're right, we need a new TV. He brightens up and goes shopping for a new HD TV. Then the music starts ,"I Want It All, and I Want It Now!" The commercial ends with the tag line "Chase what matters."

Every time I see this commercial it reminds me that this is the mentality of most Americans. We have so much to be thankful for. We are free to make choices for ourselves, blessed with abundance of all kinds and still have our freedom to worship God. Yet, we are a nation that consumes more anti-depressants that any other nation. We have so much to be happy about but there seems to be a big void. So....we look elsewhere to fill it.

Many do not necessarily delve into illicit sex, drugs and other "deep" sins" (sin is sin) but instead, over consume food and the purchasing of stuff. We are a nation who spends money on the rental of storage units just to house our over abundance of stuff. (The leasing of storage units is a real money maker for the owners - no joke.)

Just like the song on the commercial, "We want it all and we want it now!", kind of sounds like a small child throwing a temper tantrum doesn't it? I must be honest and admit I, too, have found myself doing the same -- getting caught up in excessiveness, wanting more and wanting it now only to find that the anticipation was more satisfying that the "getting". God is working on this area of my life and I am very thankful for His loving ways that include no condemnation.

The last part of that commercial says "Chase what matters." What matters to me? What matters to you? Relationships: God, family and friends are what matters to me the most. Stuff is so temporary and if it ever brings satisfaction, it's usually very short-lived. So let's chase what matters - the heart of God and all the other relationships and things (stuff) will fall into their proper place. God truly fills the void and brings satisfaction like nothing else and it lasts in spite of the circumstances around us.

Love to you,



bethany said...

So so true! Wow...your words hit home today for me. I constantly need to re-evaluate what I am chasing it temporary things of this life or is it eternal life with God and the relationships that He has so lovingly blessed me with?
Thank you for your words of wisdom.

Now...I want you to know that you've been tagged! You can find the rules of the game at my blog. Head on over and check it out!

Beth said...

My boys love that makes me laugh. Now I will think of what you said. And you are soooo soooo right! It amazes me how I battle that desire to want something furniture.... new bedding, etc. And I think there really is such an excitement that we get from getting something *new*... I know that I am that way and I know that my boys are too... what a blessing to grow up here, but I really want my boys to understand what a life of privilege we live here.

bethany said...

Yes...I did do the NOG study solo this summer. I actually found the LPM Blog this summer and was able to get into the bible study by about a week and a half after the rest of the siestas started. I loved the study! There was so much that I needed to be confronted with and idols that I came to realize needed to be removed. It is a work in progress but one that I am welcoming as I've realized that I no longer want to live in bondage!
I am following up that study with Believing God and I am finding that there is no better study to follow NOG than Believing God, as in order for me to be free, I need to believe God for the freedom. I look forward to learning much and applying the changes!

valerie said...

Hi Sherry! I'm so glad you found my blog and stopped by. I actually live in Shawnee and know exactly where Meeker is. Fun!
I love blogging. I've met some of the most amazing women on here. We were blessed to have the opportunity to meet so many in San Antonio.
I've traveled with my mom & sisters through the years and still do, but the timing wasn't good this time for anyone but Kristen (daughter) and me so we took off and had such a great time.
I will write you an e-mail. I was wondering what church your husband pastors.
Thanks again for writing. I love making new friends.