Thursday, August 14, 2008

First Day

This week came with "first days" for several of our family members. Wednesday was Breanna's first day of Pre-school. It was her mommy's first day back to work since being on maternity leave. I was so honored to be able to take Brea on her first big day and pick her up after class.

Here's our big girl all ready to go to school.

At school.
Brea and her teacher who just happens to be her Nana also. (Her mommy's mother)

All set and off she goes!

In the meantime, her new baby brother, Bryce, was having his first day at Grammie's, the official Wednesday day care. :)

He is such a sweet baby boy. He laughs and interacts with us which makes my heart leap. He is very strong and so interested in things around him. And.....he loves his Grammie!

As for me, it was my first day back to being a caregiver to not just one grandchild, but TWO!
Ah... God is good. His blessings are far beyond what I deserve!



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annie's eyes said...

What fun. I bet you are a tired puppy tonight. That is so wonderful that you get to be the babysitter once a week! You will bless your grandchildren more than you may ever know. That is a precious gift for you all. Love, Annette