Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I'm Still Here

It has been three months since I have posted to my blog. December is consumed with the holiday preparations at home and at church. We had a wonderful Christmas with our family.

January is like a black hole for me. Year end reports, taxes, payroll, taxes, financial reports, taxes, annual receipts, taxes, filing, taxes. I have taxes every month!

February is the month I make sure I have everything caught up.

March began like a lion. Last Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the weather was absolutely beautiful and warm. We had snow today! It is not unusual to have the biggest snow of the year in March. However, it was a light snow. I am so ready for Spring.

Our granddaughter, Breanna, spent the night with us Saturday. What a delight she is and so much fun! Her favorite color is blue and her favorite song in “Awesome God” from Travis Cottrell’s CD, the” Lamb Has Overcome”.

Since I last posted, we have found out that we have a little grandson that will be joining our family in June! We have seen a 3-D ultrasound picture of him and he is so cute. In the pic he looks like his beautiful Mommy. Breanna looks like her Daddy. She likes the idea of having a baby brother. Hope her feelings don’t change after he arrives, but they probably will for a time.

I sign off for tonight. Life at the parsonage on March 4, 2008.…. relaxed.


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