Tuesday, March 11, 2008

"Vroom, Vroom"

This past Sunday was our 5th Annual Biker Sunday. Members of the Christian Motorcyclist Association rode in for a special service. We have several CMA members in our congregation. This is a wonderful organization that ministers to people that probably you and I might never be able to reach. They are will willing to go to where the unsaved are and at time their safety is at stake. They ride their bikes and minister from tents in all weather conditions. They minister in the summer's soaring heat and the winter's frigid cold. God bless them!!!

This is their awesome logo:Each member wears the logo on the back of their vest or jacket. They do wonderful work all over the world. -- very mission minded. Some of them may look a little rough around the edges but that only helps them to get into doors that might not be entered otherwise. At the end of this month my husband and I will be attending a CMA Pastor's Retreat in Arkansas. We always have a wonderful time. They focus on ministering to the Pastors and their families.

Life at the parsonage today was bathed in beautiful sunshine.


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