Friday, March 7, 2008

It's a Date!

I promised Breanna this week that I would take her on a play date with her BFF, Riley. So, today that’s just what we did. Riley, our Music Pastor’s three-year-old son, was delivered to me by his parents. After loading him in the car (car seat buckled in, bags with extra clothing, drinks, toys, etc) we stopped to pick up Breanna at Kid’s Day Out. I unbuckled Riley and we went in together to get her. I greeted her teacher, Brea introduced Riley to her teacher and then I gathered up Brea’s belongings, zipped her in her coat, pulled up the hood and then out to the car where I buckled in two three-year-olds. McDonalds, here we come.

It was a very cold day; in fact, it snowed a little. The McDonalds we went to has an indoor playground which is perfect for such a cold day. After Happy Meals the Tods were off to play for the next 1 ½ hours. While supervising their play, I telephoned my BFF from high school. We caught up on the latest in each other lives. She and I were as close as sisters and have kept in touch and spend time together as often as possible. She lives approximately 2 hours from me.

When the little ones felt they had enough of the play area, we headed for my house for more play. Before leaving McD’s we took a potty break. They were a little pumped and took off to explore other parts of the restaurant while I was trying to gather up bags, coats, Happy Meals, my purse & coat. I caught up with them just as they were making their way into (thank goodness) the women’s bathroom.

We had a nice drive home while listening to Brea’s favorite song “Awesome God” over and over and over and over again. It is on one of Travis Cottrell’s CDs (the kid has great taste in music). By the time we made it home and I unloaded the Tods, the bags, the Happy Meals, and all of my stuff, my thoughts turned to the show “Jon and Kate Plus Eight”. How do they do it?

Brea and Riley play very well together. It can be dangerous when these two put their heads together and think up things to do. They had been playing “clean up” with two of Brea’s fake misting bottles from her housekeeping set. I suddenly realized they were quiet. Oh boy! I knew they must be up to something. When I found them they were in my bathroom. Brea was up on the counter filling a real misting bottle with water. (They had already emptied it and needed a refill.) Not only had they sprayed an entire bottle of water on the shower door mirror, but they found a pump bottle of soap! Oh, yes they did! Thick blobs of soap were dripping down the shower door, in the door track and on the floor. I told them to stick with the pretend bottles and shooed them out of the bathroom so I could clean up.

Riley went home around 5:00 p.m. Breanna missed him after he left. She eventually crashed and took a nap. Delayna picked her up and now Grammy has toys to pick up and a “tent” to take down. The little ones had a great time and so did I. We are making plans for another play date. The next outing will be to McD’s and then the children’s museum for some hands-on fun.

Life at the parsonage is … sudsy!


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