Thursday, March 6, 2008

Just Rambling

I can’t remember when the weather has been so ridiculously fickle. We live in an area right on the jet stream which means the weathermen hit and miss on their predictions. We were to have snow today, but guess what? Nada! Not a flake. It was cold, breezy and overcast but there wasn’t any precipitation at all. As I have said before, I am so ready for spring to come – not just the date on the calendar but the temperature.

I’m having a good hair day J The reason; I just returned home from the beauty shop. My hairdresser told me today that I have enough hair for 5 people! He’s right about that. I am abundantly blessed with good hair on my head. One good thing about having too much fast growing hair is that if I get a bad haircut, in about two or three weeks, no one can tell – no joke! Most days I am very thankful for my mop of hair.

When I returned home from the beauty shop this evening I noticed we had a new front glass door. A few months ago we had horrific wind and as I was coming in the house, the wind ripped the door out of my hand and pushed the door closed so hard that it actually shoved the door past the frame causing it to be jammed shut. I had to ring the door bell for my husband to help me get in. It has continued to give problems off and on. This past Wednesday my daughter-in-law, DeLayna, brought Breanna over to spend the day. I could not, for the life of me, get the stupid door open. She had to come in through the garage instead. So, Hubby ordered a new door the very same day. The installer just happened to have a cancellation and was able to install it today – just one day after purchase – unheard of!

Life at the parsonage today… quiet.


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