Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Whose Call Is It?

"It's your call...."

" No, it's yours..."

A conversation like this took place yesterday between two small town fire departments. Before they decided whose call it was, a 14 year-old boy perished in his burning home. The rest of the family made their way to safety, but he was somehow trapped in the inferno. The teen's family waited helplessly while the fire departments disputed over whose responsibility it was to answer the call. The family needs our prayers.

It makes me wonder if we are doing the same type of thing with the sinner. While we may be trying to decide who should step out of their comfort zone to reach them, the sinner perishes. Jesus commanded us to go. He went to controversial places to minister to a needy soul. Are we willing to do the same?

We discussed this subject in our ladies Bible study class Sunday night. I asked them a question: " If you were to see my walking out of a bar, what would you think? " Some jokingly said "Ah!" and the rest said nothing. What I would like for them to say is, "How many people did you lead to the Lord?" In reality, even though I am their pastor's wife, I'm afraid that might not be the case. For a few, it would be a juicy piece of gossip. There might be those who would use it as an excuse to give up. Then there are those who would jump on the bandwagon to help minister right where the sinners are.

One thing for sure, we should never "go" unless the Lord sends us. An obedient child of God will find themselves out of their comfort zone from time to time, but with their obedience comes wisdom, strength, and anything else needed for the task.

So, whose call is it? Yours and mine when we beckons us to step out with Him.

Life at the parsonage tonight ... somber.


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