Thursday, December 6, 2007

Tea Anyone?

Last Tuesday night was our Ladies Annual Christmas Tea. We had such fun. The attendance was great, especially since there is always so much going on this time of year that competes with everyone’s schedule.

Actually, our tea doesn’t qualify for an official tea by English standards. In fact, an English woman just might drop her crumpet in her teacup if she attended ours! First of all it’s at night instead of afternoon. Second the array of food is not what would be found at an English Tea. Third and last is the fact that very little hot or cold tea is consumed at our Tea. But you know what? It is ours and tailored to meet the needs of working women so it doesn’t really matter as long as the gals enjoy it and they did!

The ladies out did themselves in the variety of finger foods and desserts. There was around 40 different platters of something. And good… oh yeah!!! My mouth had a party! The beverages were hot apple cider, hot chocolate with whipped cream, water and of course hot tea.

I am in charge of the December meeting (which is the Tea) so I get to do the shopping, decorating, etc. This year I used the traditional red, white and green color scheme. Instead of china I used very nice square disposable dinner ware. Last year it took FOREVER to wash all of the plates, cups, glasses and flatware so I helped myself out this year and the clean up was much quicker. We also invested in commercial carts and tubs to move the items back to their places of storage.

After everyone had finished eating and had some time to visit, we moved into the sanctuary to watch a movie of the “big screen. We drew names for 3 door prizes then I did a set up for the movie “The Nativity”. Most of the ladies had not seen it and really enjoyed. To see the shining faces of women who were able to take a break from their busy lives to kick back for an evening was worth all the work and preparation. One young mother of three preschoolers told me she was so glad to have been able to attend. She mentioned that it was a fight but she made it. I’m not quite sure what she meant by “fight” but I was so glad that she had some girlfriend time – she needed it I’m sure.

The day after I spent time making sure everything was back in place. Our wonderful custodial team had most of the tables and chairs back in the gym (we are setting up for the Christmas banquet) by the time I got to the church. I cleaned out my office and brought several boxes of stuff home. I washed 41 pedestal glasses and brought home a mountain of tablecloths to wash.

Today, Life at the Parsonage was cluttered!


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