Thursday, March 5, 2009

You know you've stayed too long when . . . .

I had to run some errands this afternoon and also had a hair appointment. Lunch for me today finally arrived around 5:00 p.m. After I ate I stopped at Wal-Mart to do a little shopping. As I was leaving I was reminded of a funny thing that happened to me approximately a year ago.

I was at Wal-Mart -- again -- on a bright sunny evening. I had quite a bit of shopping to do and since Wal-Mart is a one-stop-shopping-place, it can take a long time to get everything you need. Also, depending on the day of the week and the time of day, check out can turn into a lengthy process.

I finished my shopping, made it through check out and was on my way out of the store. I reached into my purse, put on my sunglasses, and began making my way to the car. I begin to notice that people were extra friendly and I received many smiles and nods (especially from men). I thought, "Do I have something on my face? Do I look especially nice today? Is my hair standing on end? What??" Most of the time people don't even acknowledge one another unless they happen to know each other. Anyway, I just smiled back and proceeded to the door. As I came around the corner I soon discovered the reason for the "attention". It was as black as midnight outside and I was wheeling my shopping cart while sporting a pair of sunglasses -- for crying out loud!

Well, you know you've stayed too long in the store when the sun has left the sky and the moon has risen for the night!

Good night my friends,


Esthermay said...

I've done the same thing!
I LOVE WowMart! Ours has a whole section for scrapbooking now!
I like the look of your blog. Very nice!
Have a great weekend!!

Lois Lane II said...

HAHA! I know what you mean. I HATE going to Wal-Mart (crowds and I always spend too much money), and there have been so many times when I've walked out of the wrong store door and my car is on the other side of the massive parking lot. I always wonder if people laugh (cause I would, hehe!) when they see me with my huge cart of groceries searching for my vehicle.

MiMi said...

That is too funny! I have kept my sunglasses on through my whole trip inside the store before because they are prescription lenses and I can see so good that I forget I have them on. My husband will say, "you've still got your sunglasses on"!

Have a great weekend!

Heather said...

Ha ha!! Sherry that is so funny!! I put a glass of water in the cabinet the other day by accident, I'm such a dork! I am sure that you were styling though in your shades!! :)

valerie said...

How funny!

Dan & I are about to head out there right now...after I ever get off of here. I make him go with me. (I think he likes to go)

Thanks for sharing that funny story. I started to say I bet people thought you were blind, but then they probably wouldn't have smiled. duh! :) I just need to get off here and get to Wal-mart.

Have a good weekend Sherry.