Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My New Bloggy Friend!

The 2008 Siesta Fiesta was a special time for the LPM blogging friends to meet each other in person, most for the first time. I did not attend this wonderful event, but I will remember reading about it and seeing the pictures for a long time.

The main reason for my remembering it is that in all my blog reading about it the conference, I ran across someone who attended that just happened (as I found out) to live near me. I commented on her blog and and to make the story r-e-a-l-l-y short, this what transpired:

This my new friend, Valerie. She is so darling! We had the best time getting acquainted and sharing our love for our bestest friend, God . We met at a Mexican restaurant last evening at 6:00. Before we knew it, the place was pretty much emptied out and the staff was sweeping the floor and cleaning up -- it was closing time! Needless to say, we were not at a loss for words :) We then headed for our cars but talked about 10 or 15 minutes more in the parking lot!

Valerie has posted about last night, too. She went into more detail on her blog about our "conversation" that led to dinner . You can visit her blog and read about it by clicking here:

It's amazing how the family of God really feels like family! I do not have any biological sisters, but I have many sisters in Christ! And now.... a new one!

Note: Nope, I didn't bring my camera......again. I am going to have to carry one of my bigger purses that my camera will fit into. After all..... I BLOG, for heaven's sake! Second thought, maybe a NEW purse would be better:)

Anyway, have a great day. (Gustav is sending us rain today and for that we are thankful!)


annie's eyes said...

It's one of the most unexpected delights of blogging--joining the sisterhood of Christ together in an unmistakably God-ordained way. I am so happy you got to meet a Siesta, and one day, hope we will be able to share a cup of coffee face to face. By the way, I have no idea where either of you are in Oklahoma, but I will up there the end of this month to eastern Oklahoma about an hour from Ft. Smith, AK. Any where near you?
Love, Annette

Grammy and Olivia said...

How fun! I have become good friends with a Siesta who just moved to my area--I found her from a comment on the blog. I believe God placed us in each other's lives at just the perfect time. No surprise with our good God!

valerie said...

I enjoyed our dinner so much.
It's always nice to meet a new friend.
We will have to do dinner again one evening. I'm sure there's still much to share. ;)
I am still amazed at how God brought our meeting about. He is pretty awesome, huh?
Be blessed!

One Hot Dish said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your blog is too cute!

I'm so glad you and Valerie were able to meet up. She's an awesome lady and a wonderful example of Christ's love. :)

Have a good week!