Thursday, September 11, 2008

Time passes swiftly!

Well . . . . here it is Thursday and I haven't posted since Saturday! If I have been out of town that would be a good excuse, but I can't use that one since it would not be the truth :)

All of your gals who may be looking forward to the freedom of the empty nest -- think again. It seems that life in general will fill it back up with something. It may not be your kids, but believe me your days will be full.

I have talked with several retired people in our community and they all seem to say the same thing, "Now that I'm retired, I don't know how I ever worked a 40 hour-a-week job!"

Lord, help me! When that day comes for me, I think I may just reconsider.

My life is full . . . full of wonderful people such as my family, friends and church family. I am so blessed! At times the grace, mercy and blessings of God are overwhelming!

There are many Americans today whose lives were full and happy seven years ago. Then suddenly, a mammoth tragedy forever changed their lives and the world as they knew it when the twin towers in NYC were attacked by terrorist.

They will never forget the pristine morning that quickly clouded into heartbreak. Nor will I forget as I watched my television screen that morning in total disbelief. I just could not wrap my mind around what I was seeing. Suddenly, we Americans who had felt so safe on our home soil no long had that same sense of security.

Seven years have passed and we realize its true: our lives have been changed forever. The deep scars on the hearts of American citizens and land are healing. Those who lost loved ones in the attack are continuing to make their way, some better than others.

I did not personally know anyone who lost their life in the attack that day -- how thankful I am for that. I pray for those who have been left to carry on without the ones they loved so dearly. For some of them, these past seven years have not gone by quickly. For people like me, who ask the question, "Where has the time gone?" need to stop and count our blessings -- especially today.

Through the pandemonium of that day seven years ago, there was one thing that was driven deeper into my spirit: we cannot put our full trust in a person, in a country, in government, in a leader or in things. Full trust is to be placed in God alone. Our safety and security are in His loving hands. He is my security. He is my strength. He is my shield and fortress. He is my strong tower. In Him do I trust!


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Beth said...

great post! AMEN!