Tuesday, September 2, 2008


That would be me-- dummy!

This weekend we (hubs and I ) were able to be reunited with a childhood friend. We haven't seen her in FOREVER. That's right, since high school. Back before the age of PC computers! (Did I really say that?)

We went to school together; she in second grade and I in first. She moved after that but she lived in the little town where my parents attended church. She came to our church and that's where we became friends. So much time has passed!

She came and spoke for us Sunday night at our 5th Sunday Potluck Fellowship. She had a liver transplant 21 months ago. She shared her story of how God worked several miracles during her wait and in receiving a new liver. Not only did she receive a liver transplant but she recieved a spiritual "heart" transplant as well. What a blessing it was to be with her again. We plan on keeping in touch and visiting as often as possible.

She looked absolutely great! But..... you'll never know, my bloggy friends, because dummy, here, did NOT TAKE ANY PICTURES! Now, you would think that a blogger would have her camera, wouldn't you? My only excuse is that it was Sunday I was cooking and transporting food to the church and did not think about a camera.

I'll do better next time :)

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